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1219, 08 Nov 16

Subscription Cheese

During this day of consternation, let us pause to celebrate the advent of subscription cheese.

The Bright Cellars subscription cheese service will work the same way as its wine service. Using members’ answers to a short quiz to form a baseline and a machine-learning algorithm that improves its accuracy regarding users’ preferences as they interact with it over time, Bright Cellars will recommend certain cheeses from around the state to subscribers and send them a personalized cheese box each month.

“We’ve actually been quietly in beta for a few months now,” said Bright Cellars co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Richard Yau. “I think the two biggest things were the wine business has been scaling and growing really quickly and we were thinking, ‘what makes the most sense to pair with wine?’

“Since we relocated from Boston to Milwaukee last year, we were testing other things that go with wine; glasses, corkscrews, things like that. But really, what our members were most interested in was cheese. We expect to do more than $15,000 in cheese sales in November. This is kind of our official roll out.”


1219, 08 November 2016


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