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2236, 08 Nov 16

GOP Sweeping Nation

The results are still coming in, but the election is shaping up to be a sweeping win for the GOP. It looks like Republicans will control Congress and the Presidency. Along the way, Wisconsin reelected Senator Ron Johnson and voted for Donald Trump – the first time we have voted for a Republican presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan.

It may be a bit premature, but congratulations to Donald Trump. I never thought you could win. I was wrong. I hope that I am equally wrong about what kind of president you will be. I am thankful that it looks like you will have a decidedly conservative House and Senate to work with.


2236, 08 November 2016


  1. insagtman

    Life in Madison will be very interesting the next two years. Issues I see coming to a conclusion will be:

    Control of road spending. The road builders lobby spent big against the senate republicans, and lost large.

    Full repeal of what’s left of the prevailing wage law.

    The total outlawing of the sale of aborted pieces of babies.

    Boys will have to go potty in their own bathroom at our public schools.

    Election laws will be uniform statewide.

    More rights for self defense, including stopping the prohibition of concealed carry in more public buildings.

    May God continue to bless this great country,

    Rep. Bob Gannon

  2. billphoto

    Let’s all hope Rep. Gannon can get his peers onboard with his (and mine) list of changes long overdue.  Would be great to see the end of minimum markup added to the list.

    For our next President, considering he does surround himself with good advisors, we can hope for a return to the principals that made our Country great.  One I would like to see near the top of the list is having Congress get their healthcare at the VA.

    In practical terms, President Trump will face a group of Democrats, Republicans, bureaucrats and monied special interests with the single purpose to block anything he tries to do.  Should make for some interesting theater.

  3. Owen

    Amen, Bill.

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