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0659, 08 Nov 16

Can You Carry a Gun to the Polls?

Maybe. It depends on where you live and your individual polling place.

Wisconsin: Wisconsin generally allows carrying an unconcealed firearm in public, but polling place prohibitions depend on local rules. “If the municipality does not designate polling places as gun-free zones, then it is up to the owner of the building where voting takes place,” Reid Magney, Public Information Officer for the Wisconsin Elections Commission, told CNN. “There is no blanket policy for the state of Wisconsin — it’s a local decision. There are 1,854 municipalities in Wisconsin, and each of them may decide whether to set a policy on firearms.”

It is prohibited where I vote :(


0659, 08 November 2016


  1. Le Roi du Nord

    Same here :).

    Why would any one need at gun when voting.  Seems antithetical to the whole principal of the secret ballot.

  2. jsr

    1) Can carry where I vote.

    2) I like criminals not knowing if someone is carrying.

    3) I hope no one needs a gun while voting, but I also hope that the polling place doesn’t need a fire extinguisher.

    4) How is carrying a gun “antithetical to the whole principal of the secret ballot”?

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