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1832, 28 Oct 16

FBI Reopens Clinton Investigation

I’m not as optimistic as Koffler, but it’s good to see the FBI pretending to be serious.

The FBI today wrote to lawmakers to inform them that it is effectively reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server for State Department business. They’ve found some new emails, though we don’t know what they contain. But it must be pretty bad to do this eleven days before the election.

I can’t underemphasize what a big deal this is. The election is actually quite close. The key factor that will tip it is whether swing voters are more uncomfortable with Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. This will have voters wondering whether by voting for Hillary they are electing someone who either could wind up in jail or will be under constant investigation.

Not to mention someone wholly unethical.

Doesn’t matter if in a few days the FBI says it’s sewing the case back shut again. The damage is done, and it’s considerable.


1832, 28 October 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    She should be in prison for what she has done.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    I agree.  But only after she has been charged, brought to trial, and convicted of crime(s) worthy of imprisonment.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberalism has accumulated too much power in Washington.

    Liberal elites have too much invested in Hillary to take her down.

    Unlimited government power yields people like Hillary above the law.

    It’s shocking any good American, believing in this country would vote for her.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    “Unlimited government power yields people like Hillary above the law”.

    Just like how we got Reagan and Ollie North, eh?

  5. NHolland

    With conservatives controlling both Congress and the Senate its hard for me to accept “Liberalism has accumulated too much power in Washington.” The real problem seems to be the several factions all claiming to be Republicans haven’t figured out how to unite for the common good. And when I say common good I strictly mean the common good of the party not the people. The Christian right, the Tea Party, Reagan Republicans and now those lunatics who buy into Trumps lunacy all have their own agendas. However, the one and only great unifying factor in this election is Hillary Clinton. No matter what new, latest or even outdated faction of the party you affiliate with the evil baby slaying, flag burning, country destroying HRC has all the “real patriots” threatening revolution and a predetermined rigged election system if the guy who brags about sexually abusing women and saying inappropriate things to ten year old girls doesn’t win the election. Maybe Director Comey is smarter then we think and is thinking about the extreme case load that would be generated by a Clinton victory and the election fraud cases and revolution that would follow. But… Most likely has trying to protect his own hind end from the factions. Either way, Comey has now turned the once nonpartisan FBI into just another outfit controlled by the long arm of politics. Even the experts on Fox News this morning all agreed that the timing and content of Comeys letter go against FBI guidelines. Not to mention discussing an ongoing investigation has always been against FBI policy. In this case, much to Mr. Scheunemanns chagrin, it appears conservatives are the ones who have accumulated (and are abusing) too much power in Washington.

  6. Le Roi du Nord


    Well put.  Thanks

  7. DaveA

    So let me get this straight. Kevin thinks Hillary should be in prison for some email shortcomings (far less egregious than the 22 million emails George W bush deleted) and he sees no problem with Donald Trump who faces a court date soon on allegations of statutory rape,  a trial date on fraud allegations and now indications that he has had contact via email with Russian banks.

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