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2128, 27 Oct 16

Never Trump?

Some of my conservative brethren who are either enthusiastically or grudgingly supporting Trump have taken to venting a lot of anger at #NeverTrump folks. That anger is misplaced, but I would also note that some of us who are not supporting were not Never Trump. I didn’t support Trump in the primary, but I tried to be open-minded after he won the nomination. I thought about it for months. I tried to find a way that I could support the man and still live with myself. But in the end, I couldn’t. And it’s not because I have any high-minded conceptions about politics. I’m well aware that it is the art of the possible and will support a cruddy person who will advance my values over a good person who will not. But when it comes to Trump, I think he is equally as dangerous to our Republic as Hillary – just in different ways.

I would note that in those same months when I was thinking it through, Trump repeatedly and aggressively pissed all over me, my beliefs, and many of the people and causes I support. It’s like he doesn’t even want my vote, so I didn’t give it to him.

There’s going to be a lot of rationalizing, blaming, and healing taking place among conservatives after this election. There are essentially four camps divided along lines of how they supported, or did not support, Trump.


2128, 27 October 2016


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