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0832, 27 Oct 16

Rampant Media Malpractice

Yes, the media is overwhelmingly biased against Republicans and Conservatives, but they also do a horrible disservice to our nation. Take this snapshop from CNN’s home page this morning:



CNN is not unique, but just look at that list of “top” stories. One media talking head is mad at another. Someone insulted Trump. Clinton gets angry. Trump said something about someone else. Some comedy show does a good Trump impression. We are less than 2 weeks from election day and people are already casting votes. Where are the issues? Where is the to-of-the-page coverage of taxes, war, entitlements, and the dozens of other issues that actually matter in people’s lives? Instead of covering those, much of the media is covering the presidential campaign like it’s the latest version of The Bachelor.

A lot of people are losing this election season. The media is near the top of that list.



0832, 27 October 2016


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