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1527, 25 Aug 16

“removed a bag of pills from her frontal lower body cavity”

That’s a delicate phrasing.

On Tuesday, August 23, at 6:57 a.m., a Washington County Sheriffs deputy responded to the jail to investigate a drug complaint.  The preliminary investigation revealed a Huber inmate returned to the jail from the previous evening and correctional officers noticed she now appeared drowsy and out of character.

As a matter of protocol she was instructed to provide urine for a urinary analysis.  During that process the inmate, identified as a 20-year-old Town of Barton woman, removed a bag of pills from her frontal lower body cavity.

The baggie contained dozens of pills, including the prescription drug Trazodone. During the subsequent investigation it was revealed that she intended on delivering the drugs, which she did not have a prescription for, to another inmate.


1527, 25 August 2016

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Definitely to filed under….”You know you have a drug problem when…”

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