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0731, 05 Aug 16

Black Live Matter Protesters Block Heathrow

Winning friends even across the pond! /sarcasm

(CNN)Black Lives Matter UK campaigners have blocked roads leading to London’s largest airport, as part of a series of nationwide shutdown protests on Friday.

Transport routes in other British cities have come to a standstill, with demonstrators chaining themselves together in Birmingham and Nottingham. More protests are planned in Manchester later today.
BLM is just the next manifestation of the anarchist fringe like the Occupy Wall Street folks before them.

0731, 05 August 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Why can’t we export “Blue Lives Matter”?

    That group at least does not discriminate by skin color, it includes all races, unlike BLM.

  2. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,
    If you want to join the cause I promise you will not be discriminated against. They do allow all races to march. Probably just a misconception on your part and not another attempt to distort the truth.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Why would I join a racist organization like Black Lives Matter?

    All Lives matter.

    If I would march for anyone it would be for our Law Enforcement Officers being unfairly brutalized in the media by liberal haters.



  4. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,
    It wasn’t another misconception on your part but a purposeful, deliberate, calculated, intentional, willful, knowing and conscious effort to distort the truth. In a matter of minutes and with little effort i was able, through research, to determine Black Lives Matter is not a racist organization nor is it an anarchist fringe group.

    Thou salt not bear false witness forbids:
    1) Speaking FALSELY in any manner, lying, equivocating and any way devising and designing to deceive our neighbor.
    2) Speaking unjustly against our neighbor to the prejudice of his reputation; and (which involves the guilty of both).

    Rationalize all you want but in the end your creator will be the judge.

    Practice truth… Its the Christian thing to do.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    Then correct something for me…

    When you say “All lives matter”, does that NOT include everyone?

    When you say “Hispanic lives matter” does that not exclude all non-hispanics?

    Why is it OK for some to be racist then?   If Black Lives matter is NOT racist, why do they not just say “All lives matter”, instead?

    Why not get rid of the exclusionary rhetoric?

    I support the idea ALL lives matter.

    That is practicing Christian truth.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    Also, has BLM apologized for their BLM group in Minnesota that chanted “Pigs in a blanket, Fry ’em like bacon” which is a call to hurt Law enforcement Officers?

    No one should join a group where that has not been corrected and apologized for.

  7. NHolland

    It just so happens the mothers whos children were killed (justly or unjustly) happened to be black. It wasn’t their intention to discriminate but to promote awareness. All within there rights as U. S. Citizens. Its not discriminating just because it doesn’t fit your narrative. However, perverting the intentions of this group is by all measures bearing false witness.
    As God told Moses:”You shall not circulate a false report. Do not put your hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.”
    John 17:17 “Your word is truth”
    Practice truth… Its the Christian thing to do.

  8. NHolland

    One more note.
    Inclusion only MATTERS when talking about government entities. Or at least that’s what conservatives have been arguing.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t you support a businesses right to refuse service based on sexual preference. I.e… Refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay ccouple. Even if BLM was discriminating, which they are not, shouldn’t they, by conservative standards, be allowed?

  9. Kevin Scheunemann

    More white people are killed by cops ecery year, a few unjustly. Do their lives matter?

    Police officers are killed by criminals inspired by BLM rhetoric, some officers are black, do their lives matter?

    I’ve read the BLM manefesto. They have yet to apologize for the “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon…” hate.

    If they truly believe MORE than Black Lives matter, why do they not just say “All Lives Matter?

    Why did liberals suspend a Texas student from student government for months for daring to say “All Lives Matter”?

  10. NHolland

    All those you mentioned above can start their own movement if so inclined. That shouldn’t limit the mothers who started BLM from voicing their concerns, legitimate or not. I do unsterstand your point and understand the sentiments involved on both sides. However, you present positions not supported by fact. You accuse them of being something they are not. You try to link criminals and crimes to their movement that don’t exist.

    Blue Lives Matter and I also support them. Accordingly, this would exclude all non-law enforcement. You do support the Blue Lives Matter movement?… or do you support getting “rid of exclusionary rhetoric”?

    The above link isn’t a manifesto. Its a response from BLM to allegations exactly like yours. Falsely accusing them of racism or supporting violence against law enforcement is unfair. These mothers, whether you agree or not, have a right to organize without others bearing false witness against them. If you have a legitimate case against these mothers or their movement it would be most effective to present them. Otherwise i would argue your motives should be the ones questioned.
    So, please prove to me how based in fact, not terminology, that these mothers and their movement are racist. I have given more thought, done more research, including looking at pictures and watching videos and I can’t find any evidence of racism.
    Practice truth… Its the Christian thing to do.

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    There are liberals in TX ?  Who woulda thought ?

  12. Kevin Scheunemann

    Blue lives matter is not exclusionary.

    All of us that believe in not yielding society to the criminal element are involved in protecting the innocent.

    It is clear you now yield that BLM is exclusionary and racist when you say white people should start their own movement.

    Liberals would go ape if someone started a “white lives matter” movement.

    Liberals go ape, like that poor student in Texas, when someone says “all lives matter”, can you imagine if someone said “white lives matter”?

    Racist accusations would abound.

    Try practicing truth on your part.

    All lives matter. Why don’t we all say that?

    Still have not heard an apology for “Pigs in a blanket…” Rhetoric from BLM.

    That right there shows the liberal hate group status.

  13. NHolland

    Listen buddy,
    You have insulted my intelligence, lied and now you have manipulated my words. Bearing false witness may be part of your debate style but I won’t tolerate you using it on me. Nowhere did I say “white people should start their own movement”. That’s a BOLD FACED LIE!

    Yes, by the standard you have set saying BLUE Lives Matter, BLUE would be as exclusionary as BLACK. Just because we all have a societal obligation does not give us access to or the status of belonging to the honored men and women who put on a uniform. As I have said i support the Blue. I give you credit for a nice deflection but that bucket is full of bullet holes. You seem to be hung up on the BLACK in Black Lives Matter when, if you read any of their manifesto or watched any of the interviews or marches would vividly see all races and ethnicities participating. Your willful ignorance only hurts your argument and it has manifested into permanently affixed blinders that won’t allow you to unhitch from the lies you have created.
    You have and continue to bear false witness. Maybe, if you are a church going man, you could show this to your priest or pastor and they could help you see the error of your ways.

    Practice truth… Its the Christian thing to do.

  14. Kevin Scheunemann

    Ao that is a no on the “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” from BLM?

    One cannot bear false witness woth the truth. If any organization only advocates for one race, they are racist.

    That is what BLM does.

  15. Le Roi du Nord

    You advocate for only one religion, what does that make you ?



  16. NHolland

    Insanity, pure insanity. You don’t need to talk to your pastor you need to talk to a psychiatrist.

  17. Kevin Scheunemann


    That makes me a disciple of Christ delighting in the absolute truth of the Gospel.

  18. Le Roi du Nord

    Or a religious bigot.   No surprise.

  19. Kevin Scheunemann


    Then everyone is a “religious bigot” by your standard.

    Muslims believe they are right.

    Godless liberals really, really, believe they are right in a fashion beyond absolutist.

    At least with Christianity we accept you are free to reject the Gospel. We don’t attempt to silence godless liberalism, unlike what godless liberals attempt to do with the Gospel.    We merely meet it on the political battlefield and expose liberalism’s destructiveness and darkness.


  20. Le Roi du Nord

    No, not everyone.  I don’t care what religion you belong to, what god you worship, or what rituals you practice (as long as they are legal).  And I know a lot of others of similar mind.  But you are convinced that you have the only “true” religion and will try convert everyone to yours.  Your intolerance makes you a bigot.

    “We merely meet it on the political battlefield”.  So much for your respect for the constitution.

  21. Kevin Scheunemann


    If you REALLY “don’t care what religion you [I] belong to, what god you[I] worship…” why do you even care if I’m convinced Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life?

    If you believe one has to embrace universalism, and you hat those that hold fast to Jesus, how doe that NOT make you the “bigot” you rail against?

    Sounds like someone should make room for Jesus, even if it is just a little room for others expressing their faith in Christ.

    “Political battlefield” is a metaphor for “free speech” and political debate.   It is in the constitution even though liberals these days seem to hate 1st amendment worse than 2nd amendment.

  22. Kevin Scheunemann

    should say,

    “If you believe one has to embrace universalism, and you hate those that hold fast to Jesus, how does that NOT make you the “gigot” you rail against?”

  23. Le Roi du Nord

    I care because you wish to impose your particular kind of authoritarianism on others with differing views.  You have no “right” to do that, but your intended victims do have a right to be left alone.  Your overly aggressive nature in this regard is a violation of common decency.


  24. Le Roi du Nord

    “If you believe one has to embrace universalism, and you hate those that hold fast to Jesus, how does that NOT make you the “gigot” you rail against?

    1)  I don’t care what you embrace

    2)  I don’t hate any religion or practitioners as long as they abide by the laws of the land.

    You are purposely distorting what others say to make your point.  NHolland is right, you are bearing false witness, repeatedly.

    “gigot” ?

  25. Kevin Scheunemann


    And godless liberalism doesn’t do the EXACT same thing?

    Stalin, Mao, and other liberals through history imposed their godless brand of liberalism on societies and it turned out to be an utter human rights disaster.

    Also, godless liberalism has been a long assault on common decency!

    When liberals advocate men can go into women bathrooms, simply because they feel like women is an assault on “common decency”.

    When liberals advocate “Pigs in a blanket ‘fry ’em like bacon” toward law enforcement officers is an assault on “common decency”.

    When liberals advocate sexual perversion is a “born that way” issue, giving license and justification to every child predator to continue, that is an assault on “common decency”.

    When we murder unborn children…well, if that is not indecent, then anything goes.

    I’m perceived as “aggressive” because I “push back” against those advocating the indecent.


  26. Kevin Scheunemann

    Nord said,

    “2)  I don’t hate any religion or practitioners as long as they abide by the laws of the land.”

    There is the magic phrase!    1st amenmdent gives one absolute right to exercise their religion.

    Many liberals interpret the “law of the land” as “Christianity cannot be spoken in public square”.

    That is where the godless liberal intolerence is a problem…just see anything Freedom from religion foundation does.

    Your extoling godless, non-commital universalism, is probably just as offensive to me as you find my extoling Christianity.    At least my point of view offers eternal hope.

    I thought liberals would like some positive for a change.

    (Yes, I did have typos…guilty as charged.)

  27. Le Roi du Nord


    I know lots of liberals, at least by your definition, that believe in god.  I was with 100’s of them this weekend.  You are wrong on that count.

    In context, Stalin, Mao, etal would not have been considered “liberals” at the time of their rule.  Do you really have no grasp of history, and do you only rely on knee-jerk talking points your heard from some true conservative?  Every time you try to make that faux comparison you show your lack of curiosity.

    You are considered aggressive because you want everyone to be like you, thereby showing your lack of diversity, even if they don’t want to be like you or anything resembling you.  Why can’t you just leave others alone?  Do you have some over reaching compulsion to be in control?

    The 1st Amendment allows for freedom of religion, but also from religion.  You are free to exercise your religion, but not in my face.  Read up on Madison.

    If your point of view offers any hope, prove it.  And put it in relation to why other religions do not.  Be specific, offer evidence.


  28. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann is unwilling to admit to and unwilling to stop bearing false witness. I suggested he speak to his pastor or priest. I am assuming this never happened. I sought counsel from my pastor. I asked should I and how do I help this professed Christian realize the error of his ways. Not only did my pastor say I should but he said it is my duty as a Christian to do so. I showed my pastor the many posts by Mr. Scheunemann and he agreed the bearing of false witness had and continues to take place against myself and others. He guided me to the Q & A section of our churches website to something he had re gently read and thought it applied to Mr. Scheunemann. Please read the following…
    What happens on judgment day to a believer who constantly criticizes others, blames everyone else for his problems, and refuses to forgive others by always bringing up their past wrongdoing?
    I cannot say definitively what will happen on the Last Day to this constantly critical person because I cannot look into his heart. He may be a weak or immature believer reminiscent of the Corinthians with their habitually bad behavior (see 1 Corinthians 1:11; 3:1-3). Or he may be an unbeliever whose profession of faith is empty. But I can say that we all have to deal with critical people, even in the church, and important issues need to be identified and addressed whenever that happens.

    I appreciate the fact that you are asking the question and expressing concern. It is not normal for believers to be so characteristically or chronically critical of others. We should not ignore, much less excuse, such behavior or take it lightly.


    You describe a faultfinding lifestyle trait. This is disturbing. All of us have bad moments, are subject to bad moods, and can be critical at times. But the Bible describes a child of God as one whose dominant lifestyle is governed by the new man rather than the old. We’re not talking about ethical perfection, but we are talking about a discernible habitual pattern of godly attitudes and actions, fueled and maintained by the Holy Spirit through the gospel. Constant depreciation of others and an unforgiving attitude are not compatible with true faith (as James 3:9-12 and Matthew 18:21-35 illustrate well). So we take this situation seriously.

    Even if faith remains, denigrating others is not living a life “worthy of the calling [we] have received” (Ephesians 4:1). There may well be serious psychological and social issues to be addressed. Most often, as the old adage says, “hurting people hurt people.” Low self-esteem and insecurity are frequently involved, and miserable people tend to prefer—or seek to create—miserable companions. Even if it’s more of a superficial matter of lacking social skills like diplomacy and tact, this is serious stuff for the Christian community, since we represent our Lord when we interact with others.


    We are to be agents of change not just identifiers of bad behavior. I am to speak straightforwardly with the critic, confront unacceptable speech, and hold professing believers in particular to biblical norms. Our Lord’s clear counsel in Matthew 18:15-20 applies to this kind of situation as it does with any other departure from the command to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Within the church this always involves a compassionate use of law and gospel to expose sin and underscore the grace of God for sinners. Enlist the help of fellow believers who know the person and his behavior patterns. The primary goal is to serve the person’s spiritual as well as emotional needs. A companion blessing of serving the critic’s needs is that it keeps us from growing bitter or becoming enablers of bad behavior through silence.

    Be patient in your loving testimony to the critic. Change may not be apparent overnight. Ingrained behavior patterns are notoriously difficult to amend even if the person is repentant and growing spiritually. Expect fruits of faith, but be realistic in your expectations as you entrust the person to God’s Word and Spirit, and continue your testimony to him and intercessions to God on his behalf.

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  29. NHolland

    For what its worth, my pastor said the way I responded, the psychiatry stuff, was also inappropriate. I have taken his advice to heart.

  30. NHolland

    Make No Mistake…
    BLM was absolutely correct!
    If you didn’t believe the DOJ report on Ferguson now is your opportunity to deny the DOJ report on Baltimore.
    At the request of the Mayor of Baltimore DOJ investigation reveals Baltimore PD routinely engaged in racial bias… RACISM, DISCRIMINATION.
    Of course all the deniers will blame a corrupt Obama administration and HRC.

  31. Kevin Scheunemann


    You still have not produced my specific error.  Under Matthew 18, your pastor should have counseled you to point out the specific error before making a “false witness” accusal in public.  Matthew 18 indicates to point to specific error in private first.

    I’m open to correction, as long as it is a real error (vs. an imagined error.)

    Like I said previously, name the specific statement at issue you feel is in “error” and let’s discuss it.


    I did not say all liberals were godless.   I was commenting godless liberalism has become the preferred religion in the public square and is intolerant of Christianity on many levels.


  32. Kevin Scheunemann


    If I have ever said ANYTHING that rises anywhere close to the level of this statement you made yesterday at 10:24 A.M.

    “Its my opinion that Mr.Robinsdon and Mr.Scheunemann are willing to completely lie in an effort to slander snd defame anyone in the path of their at the moment agenda. This site should be renamed Bullshit and Slander.”

    I will definitely repent and apologize.

    So let’s discuss the first statement of mine you claim to be in error.   I’m willing to go over anything I have said, that you accurately point out, with a fine tooth comb.


  33. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,
    This is a public forum. Your specific error was made in public and since we don’t (and never will) have a private relationship I pointed out your lie (this thread Aug.7 10:47AM) here. Furthermore, I am under no obligation to follow you perverted version of the Scripture. So, yes I did produce. I am not even going to bother mentioning all of the other cruel and untrue statements made about other individuals and groups. Pointing fingers at me is a nice distraction but levels are irrelevant. The topic still remains BLM and based upon the DOJ report those mothers are justified in their concerns.

  34. Kevin Scheunemann


    At 10:47 on 8/7, you reacted to my comment in general, but did not point out the specific comment I made containing an error.

    Please quote the sentence with my error.

    When it comes to “perversion” of scripture, consider the following from Matthew 18:

    Dealing with sin in the church

    15 ‘If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. 16 But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that “every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.”

    Romans 12:9. Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.

    So again, i’m willing to listen to your correction. Please quote what I said and then articulately point out alleged error.

    What did your pastor say about you comment from 10:24 yesterday?

    Did he follow first part of Matthew 18?

  35. NHolland

    Aug.7 @ 7:04am “It is clear you know yield that BLM is exclusionary and racist when you say white people should start their own movement.”
    I never yielded and I never said that. On Aug.6 @ 6:56pm I said “All those mentioned above can start their own movement if so inclined.”
    Now start your manipulation.
    Response to 10:24; Pastor laughingly “I tend to agree!”
    Now critize my pastor…
    Your perverted version of Scripture isn’t limited to Matthew 18.

  36. NHolland

    On many occasions you have used Matthew 18 to correct people on this blog. Did you ever meet with any of them in private first? Isn’t that your Christian duty? I guess you have an excuse for this perversion and double standard.
    Practice Truth… Its the Christian thing to do.

  37. Kevin Scheunemann


    I appreciate you finally narrowing the statement of mine you have issue with.

    However, I’m still not clear on my “error”?

    Your comment, which was basis for my statement, was directly addressing what do white moms do whose sons are killed, unjustly, by police?

    (Both should be equally reprehensible white or black, especially unjust police officer killing by criminals.)

    You said those non black moms should start their own movement….no room for them in BLM with your comment.

    So I am missing the “error” here.

    Will BLM say “all lives matter” and care as much for LEO officer killings?

    I don’t see it.

    Who is your pastor? I would love to talk to him if he excused your profanity and agreed with it, but yet wanted ro correct this statement you pointed out.

    I don’t think I have ever used Matthew 18 to correct someone on this blog, but I have discussed and explained Christiann correction process and Christian duty in this aspect. If I am mistaken on that, I will stand corrected.

  38. NHolland

    To your credit you are an incredibly difficult person to debate. Your unwillingness to take accountability is unmatched. The way you can contort any statement to suit your agenda is remarkable.
    However, you are still amazingly wrong!
    You have perverted the Scripture, lied and continue to bear false witness. I doesn’t stop there. You have said many questionable things to many others. There is nothing Christian about accusing people of being criminals who have not been charged with or convicted of a crime. Of course you don’t see it. People have been telling you forever, on this blog and others but you have never and probably will never take a serious look at this issue. I have politely tried to guide you in the right direction. I have sought counsel to try and deal with you in a fair and Christian way. I have suggested you seek counsel from your pastor. I hope you take that into serious consideration. I believe it is pointless to continue this conversation until the time you admit to and make amends for your insulting comments and lies. Nobody and I mean nobody deserves to be treated in such a manner just because of their political beliefs or for practicing their Constitutionally protected rights.

  39. Kevin Scheunemann

    I asked you to clarify the error in my statement.

    I made my case the statement, you chose personally to go over with a fine tooth comb, was accurate.

    Then you accused me of “perverting” scripture without pointing to where I did that. (Specific statement).

    Again you accuse me of false witness without pointing to any specific statement.

    Again, i’m open to reviewing any statement I have made, just point it out, accurately, and be clear about what you think the error is.

    Your pastor really laughed off and agreed about your profanity tiward myself and Owen? What kind of church do you attend?

  40. NHolland

    This thread WAS about BLM…
    The DOJ released a damning report of the Baltimore PD…
    From the DOJ website:
    “The Justice Department announced today that it found reasonable cause to believe that the Baltimore City Police Department (BPD) engages in a pattern or practice of conduct that violates the First and Fourth Amendments of the Constitution as well as federal anti-discrimination laws. BPD makes stops, searches and arrests; uses excessive force; and retaliates against individuals for their constitutionally protected expression.”
    Really similar to the Ferguson report. With nearly a dozen investigations yet to be completed its looking more and more like we have a problem.
    The Black Lives Matter mothers are absolutely correct and should be commended for drawing attention to this issue. What’s concerning is they actually had to start a movement to point out something we all already knew. Shame on all of us.
    Practice Truth… Its the Christian thing to do.

  41. NHolland


  42. Kevin Scheunemann


    Here, is the real truth:

    Amount of excessive force complants and unjustfied police shootings are unbelievably small compared to all officer contacts.   The liberal war on our fine police officers needs to stop.  LEO’s do their job well 99.9999% of the time!   However, the inflaming rhetoric from BLM and other liberal organizations is demoralizing and hurting LEO’s nationwide!

    Even if we believe DOJ report is true, and not fullfilling some Obama political narrative, that still does address the BLM racism.  (It is also about 2 completely liberal run cities!)

    When saying “all lives matter” becomes controversial, especially with BLM supporters, that is a sure sign of racism on this issue.

    Again, has BLM denounced the “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” chant BLM supporters had toward LEO’s?

    WELS pastor sanctioned your profanity?   Really?  I’d love to meet with him to verify that.

  43. Kevin Scheunemann


    Also waiting for the statements where I “perverted” the bible and where I bore false witness.

    When one makes an accusation, it is common courtesy to at least provide an accurate quote that is at issue in your accusation and point out the “error” clearly.

    Would you like to withdraw and apologize for those accusations?

    If so, I will accept your apology and forgive.

  44. NHolland

    As predicted…
    Insult my pastor, blame Obama and present a video produced by a “fictional” law enforcement organization as evidence (watch credits). Eventually, maybe on judgment day but hopefully sooner, reality is going to slap you in the face. As I said some reflecting on your part, with thehelp of your pastor or priest may help. Otherwise i consider you a lost soul who only hears his own voice. It really is sad and depressing to see someone so disconnected and out of touch with their own actions.

  45. Kevin Scheunemann


    OK, I give up on this one:  how did I insult your pastor?


  46. NHolland

    “Your pastor really laughed off and agreed about your profanity tiward myself and Owen? What kind of church do you attend?”
    Insult implied and taken.
    “WELS pastor sanctioned your profanity?”
    Insult implied and taken.

    Back on topic…
    The video you used was made by a fictional department and fictional officer. The fact remains the shooting of unarmed individuals, the intentional discrimination and racial biasing is more prolific then most want to admit. This doesn’t mean “most” police aren’t decent and Don’t have the best of intentions. It means we need to be aware of its existence through the awareness efforts of such groups as BLM. Shaming these women(BLM mothers) who have suffered the loss of a child under questionable circumstances is cruel. There is absolutely nothing Christian about accusing these mothers of failing or accusing their children of being criminals. The truth always prevails and in this instance you have failed to prove your rhetoric. Blaming Obama or questioning the findings of the DOJ is an excuse for your failure.
    Practice Truth… Its the Christian thing to do.

  47. Kevin Scheunemann


    When you said about your profane comment, “Response to 10:24; Pastor laughingly “I tend to agree!””

    My statement reflected what you said.   I couldn’t believe a pastor would do that while possibly chastising my non-profane statements by comparison.

    Did the pastor correct your profanity, or not?

    Why don’t you name the pastor?   I probably know him if he really is WELS.

    Still don’t see the insult.

    The data of the video is completely correct.  It is quite compelling.   CRIME IS A MUCH BIGGER PROBLEM FOR EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY.   We should be focusing on reducing crime and criminals, by doing all we can to support the 99.99999% of LEO’s that do their job well!    If we truly care and love our fellow man, we will support our God-given LEO’s and abhor what is evil (criminals).   BLM does the opposite of that on many fronts.

    The person that put it together did not want to put his name on it.   There are violent liberals out there.   The same reason you will not reveal your true identity here.

  48. NHolland

    There you go again with the false accusations (bearing false witness). Accusing me of not revealing my true identity is another example of your warped sense of reality.

    I redacted names from the posts I shared with my pastor to protect privacy. I didn’t want any personal conflicts arising. Glad I did because you seem intent on confronting my pastor who was giving an honest unbiased opinion. As I said my pastor told me what was inappropriate but that doesn’t mean he didn’t find humor in my words. Believe it or not he lives in the real word and has/does on occasion use a choice word. Get over it or if you are going to be so critical take a look at some of the things you have said. And no i won’t point them out. Do your own damn dirty work.

    2080 confirmed cases of excessive force in 2012 according to the Youtube video link you provided. Need I say more. Trivialize that.
    Do you know the old adage “one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel”?
    Your lack of compassion is mind boogling. Condoning the behavior of police that use excessive force because its statistically minimal is absolutely crazy. One case is to many. One of the people who had their file reviewed by the DOJ was a black man who had been pulled over thirty times in four years. Not one citation was ever issued. The DOJ says there ate literally thousands of similar examples. Trivialize that.

    Prove to me, actual facts supported with evidence that “BLM does the opposite of that on many fronts.” I am especially curious as to the “many fronts”.

    Let me remind you, when Ferguson, Baltimore and other cities were on the verge utter chaos it was BLM organizers who got between the police and the young rogue element. They tamed the anger saving many lives and millions in property damage. I know you will try to link this rogue element directly to BLM. If so please provide proof. There are countless hours of video that will prove you wrong. Many BLM organizers actually flew in to these cities after the trouble started to help. They encouraged peaceful protests and shortly there after thats what happened.

    Lets clear one thing up. Although I understand the message of the BLM and support their right to voice their message in protest i do not condone the “pigs in the blanket” chant. My understanding and support of their rights DOES NOT diminish my overwhelming support of law enforcement. My father in-law was a deputy sheriff for 36 yrs. My Grandfather was career FBI. I have two cousins who are city police and a nephew in the academy as we speak. Need I say more.

  49. NHolland

    Mr. Scheunemann,
    “The person that put it together did not want to put his name on it. There are violent liberals out there.”
    It must really suck being wrong all the time… His name is Brian Samms.
    Its at the end of the video.
    Again speaking for others and attributing false statements to them is considered bearing false witness. Maybe its time to talk to your pastor.

    Oh, here are some legitimate statistics for you to look over.
    I find the financial burden on the tax payer to settle the lawsuits involved with misconduct to be a compelling reason for a conservative to stop trivializing this issue. And lets face it the beating and murder of people using the criminal act of excessive force is a violence of their constitutional rights. Yet another reason for a conservative to stop trivializing the issue. You are the first professed Christian to ever condone the use of excessive force. Its time for you to talk to your pastor.
    This is taken directly from the WELS website Q&A link that I provided above (8/10/2016 @ 1:09pm);
    “It is not normal for believers to be so characteristically or chronically critical of others.”
    “Constant depreciation of others and an unforgiving attitude are not compatible with true faith (as James3:9-12 and Matthew 18:21-35 illustrate well)”
    “denigrating others is not living a life “worthy of the calling(we) have received” (Ephesians4:1).
    I suppose you will want specific examples. Do your own damn dirty work.

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