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2125, 03 Aug 16

Obama Shipped Pallets of Cash to Iran

Wouldn’t most of us get in trouble for shipping wads of cash to a terrorist-supporting regime?

Washington (CNN)The Obama administration secretly arranged a plane delivery of $400 million in cash on the same day Iran released four American prisoners and formally implemented the nuclear deal, US officials confirmed Wednesday.

President Barack Obama approved the $400 million transfer, which he had announced in January as part of the Iran nuclear deal. The money was flown into Iran on wooden pallets stacked with Swiss francs, euros and other currencies as the first installment of a $1.7 billion settlement resolving claims at an international tribunal at The Hague over a failed arms deal under the time of the Shah.
Call it what you will, but everybody knows what this was.

2125, 03 August 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Rewarding evil.    The liberal way.

    It just surprises me how overtly bankrupt liberalism truly is from a moral perspective.

  2. NHolland

    How is paying “the first installment of a $1.7 billion settlement” “Rewarding evil”? From a “moral perspective” and a Christian perspective isn’t bearing false witness what’s at work in this thread. I am coming to the conclusion this is par for the course on this blog. How will this country ever move forward when people can’t even see the truth.
    Practice truth… its the Christian thing to do.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Iran is largest state sponsor of terrorism.

    Current Iran government overthrew rightful government, we were right to keep terrorists money!

    Obama is weak and people will die because of it.

    As a matter of basic common sense you do not give money to leaders that shout “death to America”.

    This is how sick liberal theology has become.

  4. NHolland

    Doesn’t the money belong to the people of Iran?
    Either way, bearing false witness and coveting thy neighbors goods certainly doesn’t represent any moral or Christian perspective I’m familiar with.
    Am I to understand, if this is true, liberals are morally bankrupt and supporting evil but Iran Contra produced a conservative hero?

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    So this money is not going to the evil terrorist sponsor leaders of Iran?

    That is an incredibly pre-school view of this situation.

    Funding and enabling evil is not Christian.

    Who did I bear false witness against? Holding funds until someone halts their evil is not coveting, it’s called protecting the innocent.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    Wouldn’t it be more Christ-like to give this money to the victims and the victim families of Iranian sponsored terrorism?

    (vs giving it back to be used in the terrorist sponsoring state?)

  7. NHolland

    I suggest research before the rant in the future.
    In this post, as well as many others, people time and time again prove you wrong but you continually (I have looked back) insist on making up and spreading completely false statements about others. That is bearing false witness.
    Back on topic… This is just one more Republican witch hunt. The deal was made and a settlement was reached. As a conservative you should be happy with the settlement amount. Its estimated “The Hague” award could have reached upward of $20 billion. We have no control over were the money goes but it still belongs to the people of Iran. Lets not forget it was their money to begin with.
    I understand your frustrations with Obama and Clinton but if they are really that bad and corrupt you shouldn’t have to resort to fictitious rhetoric. If even one of the many things they have been accused of were true the Republican controlled Congress and Senate would have them in chains.
    Practice truth… Its the Christian thing to do.

  8. NHolland

    For future reference many blogs would consider three posts in a row on the same thread TROLLING and you would be banned.

  9. Kevin Scheunemann

    Tou still have not identified the “false witness” in any of my statements.

    It would be wrong for you to accuse me of such a thing and not point to the alleged specific error.

    So would the money be better spent sending it to victims of Iranian terrorism? Why is giving money to evil more Christ-like?

    No comment on Hillary’s monstrous amount of coveting today?

  10. Le Roi du Nord

    “Tou (sic) still have not identified the “false witness” in any of my statements.”


    There have been numerous posters that have pointed out your willful or unintentional deviations from the truth.  I have done it myself.

    So you are being untruthful about your own untruthfulness.  As the Honorable NHolland would say, “How unChristian”.

  11. Kevin Scheunemann


    Specific example?

    I always ask, yet no one produces the specific example.

    Many times it is something one thinks I said based on biases about Christianity or conservatives.

    (I admit to the typo….)

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    American Flag was seen as a hate symbol at DNC

    —-mothers of many criminal thugs were invited to speak. Why are liberals extoling bad parenting? Doesn’t bad parenting mak LEO job much more difficult?

    —- Where were families and relatives of fallen officers, whose lives were taken by criminal thugs?

    —-why did Philly police union denounce Hillary Clinton’s anti-cop agenda?

    —was there any apology for Obam’a years long war on cops?

  13. Kevin Scheunemann

    I gave you a retort knocking all your assertions down.

    Comment got caught in moderation because of all the links indicating I was accurate on all those points.

    1.) Liberals do perceive American Flag as hate symbol.   Democrats detest it.

    2.) Mother of thugs were invited to speak.

    3.) I was indicating relatives of recent officers shot in Dallas….none were there.

    4.) Philly union did denounce Hillary.

    5.) There was no apology.

    Any other examples?

  14. Le Roi du Nord

    Wow, if you got nicked by the moderator it must have really been an egregious violation of human decency !  And just because you attempt to rationalize your positions relative to the truth doesn’t make them true.  A great example is #1 above, blatantly  false.  How long is the nose today?

  15. Kevin Scheunemann

    Moderation happens when 2 or more links are in comment.

    Nothing nefarious as your comment implies.

    Happy to educate you once again.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    Iran is now saying this was a “ransom” for hostages.

    One of the hostages themselves say it was a “ransom”…

    Are you calling the victim a liar?

    That’s harsh. Try sone compassion for innocent victims vs compassion for unrepentant evil sometime.

  17. NHolland

    Iran also says “America is run by aliens” and “the Holocaust never happened”. Taking the word of Iran (if they ever said that, I can’t find any proof) over the President of The United States shows the lengths to which you are willing to go to bear false witness. In this post you have actually lied twice but whose counting. The hostage said “we are waiting for another plane”. He specifically states “they didn’t talk about money”. He doesn’t even know if the other plane ever even arrived. This plane he speaks of could have been one to replace another with maintenance issues. When asked Twice if he believed this was a ransom he refused to answer. So, not only are you bearing false witness (twice in one post) but you are using another name to do so. So no the victim is not a liar… YOU ARE!

  18. NHolland

    Correction- another person’s name (the victim) to do so.

  19. Kevin Scheunemann

    This is much different than the traditional “wackadoo” Iran statement because:

    1.) Iran was holding hostages.

    2.) Iran released hostages at same time we made payment.

    3.) Iran has a PR advantage by saying it was a ransom because it can make us look foolish to it’s own advantage because Iranian leaders hate us.   It also inspires terrorists to take Americans hostage beause America will pay, which is what Iran wants.

    This is like explaining 2+2=4, but I will slow it down even more if I have to.


  20. NHolland

    Your failure to address the above lies is an admission in and of itself. Bearing false witness and then lying to cover your lies is very TRUMP.
    1) Iran freed hostages because of US.
    2) Iran received their own money back. Because the nuke deal presented the opportunity to and turned into a multi faceted negotiation its no surprise it was ALL settled on the same day. I understand the appearance but who gives a “pure shit”. They would have received 20 times more if we waited for be “The Hague” decision. Witch hunt…
    3) Iran has never and will never have the advantage over the U.S.

    Efforts by citizens like you to make US look weak fuels the fire and is inspiring terrorists and giving Iran an advantage. Who side are you on anyway? Certainly not the side of truth or your President. “Manufactured outrage” is a lie.
    Practice truth… Its the Christian thing to do.

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