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0958, 17 Jul 16

Conservatives Looking for a Candidate


“There are many people in the ‘never Trump’ movement who, if Trump successfully gets the nomination in Cleveland, are not going to drop their opposition because he hijacked the party,” said Brian Fraley, a former Wisconsin GOP political director who has been one of the fiercest Trump critics in the state.

Fraley said he is considering voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. He also said Trump picking conservative Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for vice president shows he is worried about the anti-Trump holdouts, but it doesn’t make Trump “any less vulgar or any more trustworthy.”

Oh, and…

“Coming out of this convention, Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president and as such he needs all Republican support,” said Steve King, a rules committee member from Wisconsin. “What’s the alternative? It’s not a good one. I’m not a big fan of dentists, but I go to the dentist and have them do their thing to me and I accept it.”

If your sales pitch is, “voting for our candidate is like going to the dentist,” you’re going to lose.


0958, 17 July 2016


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