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1121, 14 Jul 16

WEDC Drops Proposed Media Policy

Geez, this agency can’t seem to do anything right.

The WEDC has pulled a proposal that would have required board members go through WEDC’s communications team before fielding questions from reporters.


The policy would’ve required WEDC’s chief legal officer, Hannah Renfro, to “diligently investigate” any claims of board members’ violations.

But WEDC Secretary and CEO Mark Hogan said he’s pulled the review of the policy after hearing from “various board members.”

“Providing guidance to directors regarding their board responsibilities is an important part of establishing good governance practices,” Hogan said. “I look forward to working with board members to achieve a policy that addresses the issues that have been raised.”


As a general rule, it makes sense for board members to refer most media questions to the PR officer or someone else. This is true for almost any organization. It allows for the organization to provide consistent. accurate information to the public. Where the proposed policy went too far was to prohibit board members from speaking to the media and putting penalties in place.

A simple policy advising board members to direct media inquiries to the PR team is fine and sensible. Forcing board members to do so under threat of punishment is inappropriate and downright stupid.



1121, 14 July 2016


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