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1832, 13 Jul 16

Mayor Weighs in on War on Police

A word from the Mayor of West Bend:

July 12, 2016

My entire life, I have respected police officers, sheriff deputies and other law enforcement professionals.  As a child, I looked up to them and as an adult I value their important and necessary role in society.

Their profession requires a certain amount of danger and risk which most of us do not encounter where we work.  In the past I felt as though that risk was a known entity, that upon entering the public safety arena it was well known danger was part of the job.  Those who could accept that risk went on to honorable careers.  Those who could not, chose another field of work.  I felt these men and women signed up for the job, knowing full well the risks involved.

I felt that way until recently when the risks changed significantly.  Unfortunately, it appears as though the new job description of a law enforcement officer must now include shouldering the burden of being singled out, labeled a racist, and worst of all accept the role of being hunted down simply for wearing the uniform.  Thank you to those who, in spite of this, continue to serve.

Today’s societal condition reminds me of Vietnam Veterans coming home after serving our country.  Many arrived and were welcomed with violence and hate.  Today, just as then we need strong leaders who have the dignity and grace to cut through political party affiliations and speak simply, as Americans.  Fortunately, veterans have regained their rightful place as the best of the best and are revered and respected, just as they should be.  That change in attitude took leadership.

Once again, we find ourselves looking for leaders and what a shame it is to see those at the highest levels of government refusing to engage properly.  It is not an accident neither our President nor Secretary Clinton can bring themselves to condemn recent actions. It is not an accident the Black Lives Matter organization does not speak of strengthening the family, promoting personal responsibility or championing change through education (Please see to view their agenda for yourselves).

None of these are accidents, rather, they are an integral part of the lifeblood of the far left wing.  Politicians supporting these motives cannot afford to allow others to know the benefits of a unified family, to discover the value of a great education or the joy of financial freedom.  They know once a suppressed population is freed it will embrace principles of a limited government and will have achieved the American Dream, offering more opportunity to their children than they had themselves.  The far left knows this would eliminate the need for politicians like these who rely on vulnerable and angry populations for their very existence.

As Americans, our goal should be to help each person realize they are intelligent, significant and important members of society.  All lives have meaning and our leaders should invest in teaching those in need how to achieve their full potential, whatever that potential may be.  It is infinitely inspirational to hear stories of those who fought against incredible odds and now enjoy a life of self-sufficiency.  To lead in this manner is not racist.  To lead in this manner takes courage, courage our present day leaders don’t have.

I am willing to respectfully debate dozens of topics with those whom I have political differences in order to strengthen my own beliefs and understand more fully the positions of others.  However, the support of racist acts by our President and Secretary Clinton only serve to re-segregate our country and undermine the progress made over the past decades.  There is no debating the dishonor of their inaction.

I ask the citizens of West Bend and Washington County to be courageous leaders and do two things.  First, when you see a man or woman in uniform, sincerely thank them. Second, regardless of where you view yourself politically, don’t fall victim to the narrative of hate.  Let’s knock off the idea that hate ever cured anything, it hasn’t.

Remember we are Americans, the leaders of the world.  Let’s act like it.

Kraig K. Sadownikow


City of West Bend


1832, 13 July 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’ll second that motion on that fine letter.

    Well Done!

  2. Northern Pike

    Mayor: “It is not an accident neither our President nor Secretary Clinton can bring themselves to condemn recent actions.”

    President Obama: “There has been a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement. There is no possible justification for these kinds of attacks, or any violence against law enforcement. Justice will be done.”

    I guess the truth won’t deter a right-wing mayor from pouring gasoline on the fire. He says he’s “willing to respectfully debate dozens of topics with those whom I have political differences in order to strengthen my own beliefs and understand more fully the positions of others” but accuses the president and his likely successor of “racist acts.” Talk about killing the baby in the cradle.

    I’ll give him this much. At least he didn’t trot out that line about loading up on firearms because “an armed citizenry can never be subjugated except by its own consent.” Never know when a Micah Johnson might take the stuff seriously.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    So Obama standing up for a criminal thug in Ferguson, who attacked a police officer, and was killed for that, and Obama then validating the Ferguson, pro-thug protestors, as “worthy of protest” on Jimmy Kimmel had nothing to do with hateful anti-cop atmosphere in this nation?

    Didn’t liberals blame Gabrielle Gifford shooting on Sarah Palin for simply using the word “target” in an unrelated speech?

    By liberal standards on Gifford shooting, Obama should be charged as a co-conspirator in cop shooting in Dallas for his inflaming pro thug comments, which was 1000 times worse than the liberal connecting Palin to Gifford shooting!

  4. Kraig Sadownikow

    After admitting he did not have all the facts, our nation’s leader said “the Cambridge police acted stupidly”

    We could go back and forth on quotes all day but should not have to. The President should be firmly demanding a stop to violence, especially from BLM.

    He intentionally gives the impression he is working both sides of the issue without actually working on anything at all.


  5. Richard Seman


    With all do respect… you are out of your *%€&#!$ tea party mind. When you and your team had to deal with “Justice” in your community you made it a point that you were “determined not to allow any one person to define who we are as a city or as a community. We especially will not allow a person charged with these types of crimes to write that definition. WOW! Blaming a group whose founding motivation was ending violence for the actions of a lone gunman seems irresponsible if not shear lunacy.

    It is not an accident that you intentionally mislead your constituents by falsely stating “neither our President nor Secretary Clinton can bring themselves to condemn recent actions.” If your message was to speak simply as an American why did you bring Democrats into your “Remember we are Americans, the leaders of the world. Lets act like it.” soap box rant? Furthermore, going back and forth on quotes all day and using them in the appropriate context would prove just how misguided you are.

    I would like to thank you for pointing me in the direction of the BLM website. It was informative and completely put to rest your false accusations.

    Finally, any responsible conservative can see through your blatant lies and rhetoric and will eventually hold you responsible at the polls.

  6. Northern Pike

    Kevin and Kraig:

    Hate to break this to you, but one of your favorite black guys just went all Obama.

    U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, R-South Carolina, revealed that he has been stopped seven times in the course of one year as an elected official.

    “Was I speeding sometimes? Sure. But the vast majority of the time I was pulled over for driving a new car in the wrong neighborhood or something else just as trivial.”

    “I do not know many African-American men who do not have a very similar story to tell no matter their profession. No matter their income, no matter their disposition in life,” he said.

    Is Tim Scott now a racist, too?

  7. Mark Maley

    I like the mayor and appreciate the effort he has put into the job . I don’t agree with everything he has done but he is willing to talk things out with folks like me who disagree on a point or two

    This letter was one that a good, trusted advisor would have told him to keep in his desk or at best issue the last part of the letter as a statement

    It struck me as a successful businessman and small town mayor telling the Black President of the United States that he knows better how to solve the problems we have with in the black community , that somehow Obama was encouraging violence by omission and that
    Black folks need to sit up and pay attention to the new smartest guy in the room

    Again, I like the mayor a lot , and he has done some really good things for the city .

    Sometimes less is more . This might have been one of those times

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    Per the Washington Post:

    “According to a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll, 91 percent of African Americans and 81 percent of Hispanics have an unfavorable view of Trump. Among women, the figure is 75 percent”.

  9. Richard Seman

    Kevin S,
    You stated “I’ll second that motion on that fine letter. Well Done!”
    Do you still stand behind that statement and are you willing to write a similar declaration using your “official title”?

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    Unfavorable view does not mean someone will not vote for them. Hillary and Trump are booth “unfavorable”.

    If asked, I would view them both unfavorable, but I’ll ended up voting to stop Hillary in the end.

    So that poll is meaningless.


    What on earth makes you think I am not standing behind my statement?

  11. old baldy

    “Unfavorable view does not mean someone will not vote for them”.

    Really? What does it mean then?

    So principles of no concern to you? You will vote for someone you deem a dreaded liberal just because he has an R after his name on the ballot? That shows a lot of independent thought.

    I will place a bet that, if polled, 99.9% of eligible voters would say the WP/ABC poll is more accurate than your claim that their poll is meaningless.

  12. Pat

    When Kevin speaks, he speaks not only as a businessman, but as a public office holder. He stands by what he says is willing to be held accountable by the voting public he represents.

  13. Pat

    I should add that you should give a little respect to a person who is willing to stick his neck out and says what he feels, no matter how wrong you might think he is. I’ve said it before; In America everyone has the right to be wrong.

  14. Kevin Scheunemann


    When both candidates are unfavorable, many will choose their LEAST unfavorable.

    Right now the data backs up that a good chunk of nation views both Trump and Hillary as unfavorable. That chunk is still going to vote for Hillary or Trump in substantial numbers.

    Now that Pence is on board, I’m liking one side of the unfavorable enough to consider voting for the unfavorable.


    So the Mayor of West Bend (and me by backing up his statement) are wrong on the issue of policing, respect for policing, and the elements in our society endangering policing with their rhetoric?

  15. Pat


    I never said that. I said people should be able to respect a public figure who is willing to show who they truly are by expressing an opinion that others may consider wrong. There are also others that may consider those opinions correct. Either way, it helps pull back the vail and allow the voting public to draw their own conclusions. I don’t agree with Trump, but respect the fact he’s willing to give his uncensored opinions. But I don’t have much respect for those who buy into his BS.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    We were talking about support for mayor’s letter.

    Since I backed up and supported the mayor and you finished your comment that I have the “right to be wrong”….sure sounded like you were opposing law and order and supporting groups like BLM.

    Glad to hear you support the mayor!

  17. Pat


    Owen came to your defense. So please don’t start obsessing on me and putting words in my mouth that were never spoken.

  18. Owen

    Final warning, Pat. [this comment was posted by a troll]

  19. Pat

    I see how this goes.

  20. Owen

    That wasn’t me, Pat. We have a troll.

  21. Richard Seman

    Troll? Rumor is you sock puppet troll your own site to scare off those with different views.
    As for Kevin S, if you stand behind this letter you should write your own on official letterhead of the Village of Kewaskum using your official title. Anything short of that is cowardice.
    As for the mayor, anyone intentionally lying to or misleading their constituency is undeserving of respect.

  22. Richard Seman

    Seems the mayors is following the republican script to the letter, literally. The first night of the convention was all about fearing the black man, the angry population. How convenient these shooting took place right before the convention and will be used to scare all those old white conservative into voting for such a fool. What a disgrace.

  23. Richard Seman

    Talk about following the script to the letter… How about Mrs. Trumps verbatim plagerized speech. What a disgrace.

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