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2126, 22 Jun 16

New State Government Employment Rules Released

The devil is always in the details of implementation, but it’s a good start on paper.

Among the most serious offenses that can lead to immediate firing are:

  • Harassing a person while on duty.
  • Being intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance.
  • Stealing state property or services, stealing money, or damaging state property.
  • A criminal conviction, while on or off duty, that makes it impossible for the employee to perform work duties.
  • Misusing or abusing state property, including using state equipment to download, view, solicit, seek, display, or distribute pornographic material.

The work-based offenses that put state employees on track to be fired through a progressive-style of discipline include:

  • Violating the state’s work rules, including being disobedient.
  • Appearing intoxicated at work.
  • Possessing drugs.
  • Giving false information.
  • Appearing unkempt or inappropriately dressed.
  • Running a personal business on state time.
  • Misusing or abusing days off.
  • Inflicting mental anguish on another person.

2126, 22 June 2016

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    “Inflicting mental anguish on another person”?

    That is not something you want in the handbook when delicate liberal snowflakes are around!

    I can see it now. State worker sees gang banging drug deal. Tells fellow minority worker they are calling police. Fellow wotker yells racist and files to get good worker fired for doing right thing.

    Not sure that should be in handbook with all delicate daisy liberals running around.

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