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2113, 22 Jun 16

Democrats Throw Tantrum

Bunch of babies.

Democrats, led by civil rights icon John Lewis, took control of the chamber Wednesday morning demanding a vote on gun control legislation. Republicans are resisting a vote — saying they don’t want to give in to such tactics — and emerged from a private meeting Wednesday evening with a different plan: trying to hold a vote on stalled funding to combat the Zika virus.
“With the threat of the Zika virus — to pregnant women especially — we must pass this bill before we leave town and that’s our drive and our goal and I’m hopeful that we will not see obstructionism by certain members of the House and or the Senate to keep that from happening,” House Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rogers told reporters.
In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, House Speaker Paul Ryan dismissed the sit-in effort as a “publicity stunt.” Behind closed doors, he promised Republicans they would vote on a veto override and take up Zika funding.
They want to take away Americans’ rights so bad that they are willing to sit around for hours in an ornate, air conditioned room.
Got it.

2113, 22 June 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Yet they will not protest, acknowledge, or take care of real problem: Islamic terrorism!

    This protest bordered on Neville Chamberlain level sympathy for the monstrous enemy we face.

  2. Pat

    I have to agree with Kevin. The congress refuses to debate and vote on authorizing the use of force against ISIS. They refuse to debate on any action of any type. Instead they flee.

  3. Pat

    On December 6th of 2015, Obama asked Congress for a declaration of war and Congress refused to act. Why?? They want action but refuse to take action. My guess it’s because they don’t want to shoulder any responsibility. But by their inaction, they shoulder most of the responsibility.

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