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2232, 06 Jun 16

Where Are the Trump People?

Apparently the Trump supporters are not very good at putting their money, time, and effort where their mouths are.

It was said by a couple guys that it’s time to get over it and that we must stop Hillary, to which I asked, “Where are the Trump people?”  “For six months they’ve bitched about the Republican Party, complained about the “Establishment” and blamed RINO’s like me that we’ve not done enough to stop Obama. Well, now they’ve won. He’s the nominee, they’re now the establishment. We are their checks? Are they going to go knock on doors?”
No one had an answer, and the frustration was real. So here’s the dilemma. GOP regulars don’t want to go bust their asses on doors for a candidate they despise (me). And the Trump people seem to have keyboard courage, and talk smart at the bar, but aren’t the people who do the work.

2232, 06 June 2016


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