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2155, 06 Jun 16

West Bend Narrows in on Superintendent

Looks like they are close.

After a three-month search and recruiting process, the West Bend School District Board of Education has made its preliminary decision to extend an offer for the Superintendent of Schools.

The board understands the importance of giving this process the highest level of attention and will conduct a thorough background check, along with a complete credentials review prior to making a formal offer to the preferred candidate.
The final negotiated contract will be reviewed and approved by the school district’s attorney to assure it meets all statutory and legal requirements.
There were three finalists for the position, however last week the district reported candidate Dean Gorrell, the superintendent from the Verona Area School District, withdrew from the mix.
The two remaining candidates are Brenda Lewis, assistant superintendent from the Rochester Public Schools and Erik Olson, the assistant superintendent from the Sun Prairie Area School District.
It is expected the new superintendent will be announced by June 15, 2016, and will officially assume duties on July 1, 2016.



2155, 06 June 2016


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