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0936, 25 May 16

Baldwin Wants More Money for TSA


Senator Tammy Baldwin is one of 23 lawmakers calling for increased TSA funding to help alleviate long wait times at airports.

“Recent reports indicate that some TSA security lines have stretched for several hours, in extreme cases, causing individuals to miss their flights. Security is absolutely paramount and these long wait times indicate not only a discomfort to our constituents, but more importantly a severe lack of security resources at some of the busiest airports in the country,” the lawmakers wrote. “For this reason, we urge continued funding to ensure TSA has an adequate number of staff and resources to meet the needs of the traveling public.”

The funding would increase staffing levels, reinforce screenings, and expand security programs to ensure passenger safety.

This is a typical liberal government response. We have an agency that is failing in one of its core missions, so what does Baldwin want to do? Throw more of our money at them! Baldwin wants to reward the TSA’s poor performance with budget increases. Why? Because it gives the politician the cover that she “did something” without actually doing the hard work of taking corrective action.

If Baldwin gets her wish, the TSA will simply continue to fail while spending more money. The money isn’t the problem, so more of it can’t fix it. The problem is the leadership and policies at the TSA.


0936, 25 May 2016

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  1. Hello

    The TSA is not a security agency it’s a jobs program.

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