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1731, 25 May 16

Walker’s Third Term


MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker sent conflicting signals this week by putting off for at least a year his final decision about whether to run for a third term as governor.

Walker said he plans to wait until after the 2017-2018 state budget is completed, a process that will likely wrap up next summer. He had previously said he would take the rest of this year to make a decision and announce it sometime after that.

“I think it`s important to stay focused on the budget, to get that through and put the time and energy needed in for that, but it won`t be long after that,” Walker said.

Analysts were conflicted about why Walker would build in the additional time. A Republican strategist said it allows the governor to focus on the state budget and the repayment of his presidential campaign debt, while a Democratic strategist saw it as proof that Walker would not run for a third term.

Whether he is on the ballot or not, the framework for the next election is already set. The question will be, does Wisconsin want to continue the policies of Walker or not?

I am a bit baffled by all of the media pressure for Walker to announce whether or not he intends to run for a third term. The election isn’t for another two-and-a-half years! Why does he need to decide now? He doesn’t. It just gives the media something to write about every few weeks.



1731, 25 May 2016


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