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1941, 03 May 16

Cruz Drops Out

And Trump will be the Republican nominee for president. The Republican Party left me today.

#nevertrump #neverhillary


1941, 03 May 2016


  1. Dan

    If Cruz could not take the crap Trump threw at him, how is he ever going to handle all the BS crap and worse Hillary, supporters, anarchists, thugs and the media will throw at him?
    Trump can handle the pressure, Cruz cannot. Trump’s family can handle while Cruz’s can’t.
    The left will crucify trump but Trump can dish it back. The GOP has become afraid of hurting people’s feelings, Trump, for the most part, will dish it right back.
    Trump’s not perfect, far from it, but he can beat the Democrats and Hillary.

  2. Trump for America

    Fuck yes. The Great Uniter kicked ass.

    It’s over, libs. Repent your sins.

  3. Mark Maley

    I’ll take some of that Trump will beat Hillary action . Wishful thinking that enough angry white men minus principled conservatives and
    Can overcome 70% disapproval rating with women , Latino’s and Blacks

    Oh , and that millennial vote that Bernie owns , Hillary beats trump by 20 points

    I don’t see a single state Trump puts in play that
    Obama won but Hispanics could
    Turn a couple red states blue

    Prediction :

    335 electoral votes min
    347 max

    And Feingold beats Ro Jo by
    5 Pts min Maybe 7 as Bernie / HRC gets out the vote even better than the walker machine in an interview election year

  4. Dave

    And Bernie does even better against Trump in the polling!

  5. old baldy

    HRC won’t even break a sweat getting elected. Political scientists will be talking and teaching students for years about the “race” of 2016. The topics include: the perils of being too extreme, the pitfalls of pandering, vanity as an art form, and how a few crazies can destroy a party.

    Owen, your aren’t the first to have been left behind by the R’s, it has been going on for a couple decades…

  6. Pat

    Nate Silver nails it……

    “But whereas Cruz offered a mix of anti-establishment-ism and movement conservatism — and whereas Marco Rubio offered movement conservatism plus a strong claim to electability — Trump’s main differentiator was doubling down on cultural grievance: grievances against immigrants, against Muslims, against political correctness, against the media, and sometimes against black people and women. And the strategy worked. It’s a point in favor of those who see politics as being governed by cultural identity — a matter of seeking out one’s “tribe” and fitting in with it — as opposed to carefully calibrating one’s position on a left-right spectrum.”

  7. The Bystander

    Perhaps what we’re seeing is that “Old White Guy” Conservatism has run it’s course. It’s been 36 years since Reagan was elected and it seems like an old tired perspective. Between the philosophical cover conservatism provided for business to destroy the jobs of the middle class, and the endless wars of the Bushes, the great unwashed may be ready to try something new. Unfortunately “New” includes a clown like Trump. You conservatives are like hippies in 1990 — you don’t even know that history has moved on.

  8. Trump for America

    A year ago, you mongoloids were chalking off Trump as a candidate.

    Didn’t work.

    Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States. If you think a criminal like Hillary Clinton stands a chance, you are the biggest fucking moron that walked the planet.

  9. Kevin Scheunemann

    Trump supporters take note.

    Liberals are cheering Trump nomination this AM.

    Ever stop to ask why?

  10. Pat

    Both Walker and Cruz had God on their side. What the heck happened?

  11. Pat

    Wait, I know. God didn’t like either one and decided to go with Trump.

  12. Kevin Scheunemann


    Trump and Hillary might be a punishment from God for a nation wandering away from him.

  13. Kevin Scheunemann

    I meant “Pat”.

    Sorry Baldy.

  14. Recess Supervisor

    I’m more charitable to Trump supporters on the whole. There are a lot of working class white voters out there that feel very vulnerable from an economic standpoint; voters that increasingly shifted to the GOP in the last decade. West Virginia’s a perfect example of that. What movement conservatives and the GOP leadership never bothered to do is consider that the usual boilerplate message about cutting taxes, pro-life, etc. wasn’t one that resonated particularly well with these voters.

    Trump saw a window to reach these disaffected voters by coming out strong on immigration. I think his solutions are off base, but most Trump supporters only care that they’ve found someone that’s speaking to their fears. And can you blame them? It’s more than they get from GOP leaders, who think the answer is to cut their employer’s taxes, or movement conservatives, who mostly tell them that all the bad things that happen in their life is their fault.

    What this primary has exposed, once and for all, is how irrelevant movement conservatism is at a national level. That whole Tea Party schtick might be enough to win among smaller, more homogeneous constituencies, or an occasional governorship or Senate seat here or there. But it’s destined to fail at a national level, where the very nature of our system rewards centrist candidates with broad appeal. That was Cruz’s shortfall. Neither centrist in his philosophy nor broad in his appeal, Cruz could never manage to pick up substantial support from voters who originally supported other candidates. When given a choice between Cruz and anyone else, they were far more likely to pick anyone but Cruz.

    The tragedy for the GOP is rather than learn that lesson in 2016 with Cruz losing a general election badly, Trump will buy them all another four years of denial. And the ironic thing is that had they let Mitt Romney run in 2012 as who he was – a centrist, consensus-building governor – Romney would probably be running for re-election right now. Romney got killed by self-described moderate voters to a degree that no amount of conservative turnout could correct, because conservatives forced him to be a candidate he never was.

    The GOP has a clear path forward with socially moderate candidates that run on a message of fiscal responsibility – especially if the Democrats move further to the left as a whole. But that also means doing a better job of reminding movement conservatives that they are a minor part of a much larger governing coalition.

  15. Alan Markus

    Awesome to see Recess Supervisor show up! Been a few years, it seems. I miss the old Boots & Sabers when there were so many prolific commenters that were on day and night – sometimes the threads were like a live chat room.

  16. old baldy


    Great post, especially the comments about Romney in 2012. Thanks.


    Apology accepted. But I feel honored to be mistaken for Pat, as I am sure he is younger, better looking, and certainly more hirsute than I.

    But regarding Trump and Hillary being punishment from god, I think they are a signal from god that she really doesn’t care much about our politics and that those that try to coattail on her good name don’t stand a chance. Please note walker, cruz and a host of other failed “conservatives” as proof.

  17. John Foust

    Recess sounds a bit centrist to me, and not only that, he must be some kind of well-educated elite who likes to write in complete sentences that follow logically from one to the next, and he probably didn’t even go to church last Sunday. We can’t have that around here at B&S, can we? Come on, Kevin, pile on!

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