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1541, 29 Apr 16

Eagles Eat Small Mammals

Apparently, some folks watching the EagleCam were unaware of that fact.

Late that afternoon, one adult was in the nest with the furry black babies when the other swooped down and dropped a sizable delivery. Clear as day, there it was: a small, limp, brown-and-white cat.

In a YouTube video of the incident, everyone looked a little puzzled for a minute, then one of the adults dragged the feline to the other side of the nest. The video cuts out at that point, so the dinner scene is left to viewers’ imaginations.


Live-cam viewers, of course, saw it all play out, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that some were “squeamish or disturbed.”

The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania responded on its Facebook page with a post reminding people that nature “isn’t always kind or pretty.”


1541, 29 April 2016


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