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2223, 05 Apr 16

Thoughts About the Wisconsin Election Results

Doubtless there will be days and days of analysis of the Wisconsin election results. Here are my first thoughts before I go to bed. Some of us have to work in the morning…

  • Milwaukee definitely gets the mayor it deserves. Congratulations, Milwaukee, for reelecting your potted plant of a mayor. Enjoy your rising crime rate. Try to keep it to yourself, please.
  • It’s a solid win for Bernie Sanders. He’s on a roll. He still can’t win outright, but Clinton can’t put him away either. Meanwhile, Sanders’ continuing success is draining Clinton’s resources before the general election.
  • It’s a solid win for Ted Cruz. He needed this win and he showed that he could win handily in a state that doesn’t line up for him perfectly.
  • In perhaps the most tangibly important race of the night, Rebecca Bradley thankfully held onto her seat on the Supreme Court. That is a relief.
  • I’ll be interested to see the results of the 71 school referenda on the ballot totaling an increase of spending of over $850 million. If a large percentage of them pass, I expect that it will be trumpeted by the liberals as a signal that the electorate wants more spending on schools. This will impact how candidates run in November and the next legislative session.
  • Despite running a horrible campaign, Chris Abele won. It’s more of a statement about the lunacy of his opponent than his strengths, but Milwaukee County is better for it. Abele has been an able administrator and deserved reelection.

More tomorrow. Maybe.



2223, 05 April 2016

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    What a great election!

    WI may have singlehandedly saved nation from Trump and Hillary.

    SC election shows common sense conservatives will not stand for dirty, unfair, liberal sliming. We have Journal/Sentinel to thank for energizing conservatives with their dirty liberal double standard coverage.

    The only low point was Milwaukee re-electing their completely failed liberal mayor, which was no surprise. The city is crime ridden, (thanks to mayor Barrett tolerating it), and is an economic basket case because Milwaukee government costs too much. The City deserves the failed leaders it elects.

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