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0751, 30 Mar 16

Whitewater is the Most Extroverted City

Um, OK. I suppose.

The survey measured the so-called “Big Five” personality traits (emotional stability, extraversion, openness to new experiences, agreeableness, and conscientiousness) using well-established questionnaires developed by other psychologists. Of the 860 cities profiled, just 70 were more emotionally unstable than New York

Sure enough, certain patterns emerged in their responses, recently published inPsychological Science journal. True to the neurotic stereotype, New Yorkers tended to be slightly less emotionally stable than people in San Francisco, say; indeed, of the 860 cities measured, just 70 cities had lower scores than New York, with North Hollywood in Los Angeles, Canton in Ohio and Mount Prospect in Illinois appearing in the bottom 10. In stark contrast, the citizens of Jackson in Madison County, Tennessee, appear to be remarkably well-adjusted, scoring highly on conscientiousness, agreeableness and emotional stability.

The most extrovert city, meanwhile, was Whitewater in Wisconsin, known for its university and the “witches’ triangle” of graveyards that have inspired some chilling ghost stories. Clearly, the threat of the supernatural hasn’t stopped the locals from enjoying themselves.


0751, 30 March 2016


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