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0635, 24 Mar 16

Two Democrats

It’s always sad when the foreign press nails it so much more accurately than the American press.

It may be useful to stop thinking of this presidential campaign as a contest between Democrats and Republicans.

Hillary Clinton is a Democrat. Donald Trump is also a Democrat.

Come on, you know it’s true. This isn’t a political race, it’s a class race.


0635, 24 March 2016


  1. Pat

    You are dead on Owen, when you say the foreign press nails it more accurately than the American press.

    And further down the foreign press article says,

    “In fact one of the mysteries of American politics has been why working-class voters have repeatedly voted against their own economic interests by voting Republican at all – a party which has cut welfare nets, reduced trade barriers and lowered taxes on the wealthy.
    There has simply not been enough trickle growth from those policies to raise working-class wages.”

  2. old baldy


    Nice catch. You caught one of the perils of cherry picking.

  3. Northern Pike

    No. Donald Trump is running the REPUBLICAN primaries, and getting votes from demographic groups most associated with the REPUBLICAN party. Polls show he has a small net favorability among Republicans but is overwhelmingly unpopular among Democrats.

    Sorry Republicans. Donald Trump is all yours.

  4. Trump for America

    Donald Trump is getting votes across the spectrum.

    He won the election this week, and you mongoloids were too stupid to realize it.

  5. Northern Pike

    Really? Do you actually believe Trump is getting votes from people who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012?

    The most likely scenario, at least the one that’s most supported by polling and demographics, is that Trump is increasing turnout with Republicans who vote in general elections but haven’t voted in recent presidential primaries.

    Trump’s best demographic is white males without a college degree. That has also been the Republican party’s best demographic for the past 30 years. That’s not “across the spectrum.” It’s the old George Wallace vote.

  6. Trump for America

    You better pray that ISIS doesn’t attack American soil before November. Trump will turn Clinton into a McGovern.

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