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0754, 18 Mar 16

Wrong Bridge

This is hilarious

It’s a story we told you about first at as contractors worked today to move the new pedestrian bridge in place over the Milwaukee River.
It appeared the bridge delivered was not exactly what the common council had approved as they signed off on a white bridge.  Mayor Kraig Sadownikow said the contractor made a mistake, it will be white and the contractor has until the end of May to have it all done.
“No joy when someone makes a mistake but it will be corrected,” Sadownikow said.
So the city ordered a white bridge. They got a brown one. And now the contractor has to paint it on site. At least it sounds like it’s not going to cost the taxpayers anything to fix the error.

0754, 18 March 2016


  1. Anonymous

    I will have to drive past to look, but from the pictures it seems like it is not painted at all. Sounds like loose specs & what happens in low bid situations – higher bidders might have planned on having it painted first, in a controlled environment, instead of on-site.

  2. Anonymous

    Took a drive past – definitely not painted the wrong color as some have been led to believe. Not painted any color – it is bare metal. When my house was built, the cedar came unfinished – we had to stain it before it was put up.

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