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2126, 16 Mar 16

Veteran ID Now Voter ID

And liberals still upset.

One of the true ironies of last month’s liberal huffing and puffing over a letter the liberal justice wrote to Gov. Scott Walker about including veterans ID cards in the state’s Voter ID law was that a change was already in the works. SB 295, a package of election reforms that includes online voter registration, speeds up the reporting of election night returns, and enrolls Wisconsin in the national Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) database, includes the changes to allow veterans ID cards.

Walker signed SB 295 into law on Wednesday morning, one day after it cleared it final legislative hurdles.

You might think this would be a win-win for liberal groups who have long opposed the Voter ID law, or criticized its perceived limitations.

You would be wrong. The Wisconsin League of Women’s Voters openly urged Walker to veto the changes within minutes of passage over the elimination of “Special Registration Deputies,” which have long been used by liberal activists to pollute the state’s voter rolls with often fraudulent, incomplete, and inaccurate voter registrations.


2126, 16 March 2016


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