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2007, 16 Mar 16

Obama’s Supreme Court Pick

Eh… he’s a fairly ordinary leftist jurist – especially on things like the 2nd Amendment – who hangs out with the Senators at DC cocktail parties. Obama is 75% sure that the Republicans in the Senate are going to stick to their guns (as they should) and not confirm him, but in the event that they do, this allows Obama to also pick a new justice for the DC Circuit Court. Remember that the DC Circuit Court is arguably the second most important federal court since it decides on so many cases regarding the federal government.

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Wednesday nominated Merrick B. Garland to be the nation’s 113th Supreme Court justice, choosing a centrist appellate judge who could reshape the court for a generation and become the face of a bitter election-year confirmation struggle.

In selecting Judge Garland, 63, a well-known figure in Washington legal circles who has drawn praise from members of both parties, Mr. Obama dared Republican senators to ignore public pressure and make good on their promise to block consideration of any high court nominee until after the next president is chosen.


2007, 16 March 2016


  1. Mark Maley

    7 years in and Potus continues to give the right indigestion

    Wonder how fast they will confirm this guy when Hillary beats the Orange skinned one .

    This isn’t a pick the left will love but it’s the best pick to
    Neuter the principled ( read that political) opposition

    The Congress is hated for not doing their job and the
    GOP decides to not do their job ( on a fairy tale of non confirmation in Presidential years )

    Not even giving him a hearing is the perfect way to give the left
    The issue in the election

    BTW, if the Right want to follow Joe Bidens advice , you really need to follow it all the time , not once in 40 years

  2. old baldy

    Yes, it will be a show for the ages when Clinton wins and the senate has to act. McConnell will rue the day he started the delaying tactic. And RoJo will find out what it means when the voters have their say.

  3. Trump for America

    Laughable. Donald John Trump, the greatest uniter this nation has seen since Lincoln, will defeat career criminal Clinton in a landslide.

    Then on January 21, she will be charged with numerous felonies by AG Christie. Then we will prosecute every single terrorist BLM member and deport every last illegal.

    It is over. You have lost. If you have crimes, better talk to your attorney. The era of lawlessness ends on January 20 at noon.

  4. old baldy


    Care to place a wager?

  5. Kevin scheunemann


    So the Biden rule is foolish now?

  6. Dave

    Nice fantasy Trump! But then what would expect from someone whose nom de plume is Trump for America? Not sure I can agree that your view of the future will come to pass. I hope a majority of voters remeber it has already been done….Germany, 1933.

  7. Dave

    Nice fantasy Trump! But then what would you expect from someone whose nom de plume is Trump for America? Not sure I can agree that your view of the future will come to pass. I hope a majority of voters remember it has already been done….Germany, 1933.

  8. old baldy


    There is no “Biden Rule”. If everything a politician said became a rule we would be in a world of hurt. If we enforced the McConnell Rule when would we ever get to select a SC justice? Or you could interpret that to mean that 1/3 of the senate had to recuse themselves since they are potential lame ducks.

  9. Trump for America

    Where is this coming from? Donald Trump a fascist? The Democrats and people like Obama are the ones that seem to hate free speech and or differing opinions. The violence being called for in America is coming from Black Lives Matter, Move On.Org and other subversive movements.

    Get a grip, Dave. Enforcement of laws that are already on the books is no reason to start yelling fascist. You are the fascist. Old Baldy is the fascist. Mark Maley is the fascist. And you will lose.

  10. old baldy


    Sticks and stones, buddy.

  11. Kevin Scheunemann


    Why is it a problem to take the words of Joe Biden to heart?

    I find it to be an excellent display of bipartisanship on part of Republicans to embrace the Vice President’s on the record policy positions.

  12. Trump for America

    Freeloaders shutting down a highway in Arizona in a weak attempt to shut down a Trump rally.

    That’s your side. Own it.

    The backlash is brewing and America is sick of you fascist trash.

  13. old baldy


    If you want to “take the words of Biden to heart”, how about other politicians as well? Like Bradley, who admitted she was an adulterer. Or Nixon, “I am not a crook”, Or rthe numerous cheney/bush claims of WMD’s in Iraq? Or the McConnell rule if you want to go there. Or are you only selecting which statements you will “take to heart”?

  14. Dave

    Trump, you are apparently filled with bitterness and hatred. No wonder you are a Trump supporter. Your candidate wants to increase the use of Gitmo, increase the use of torture and “beat the crap” out of dissent. Guess where we’re heading with your candidate?

    By the way, check your Funk & Wagnalls on the definition of fascism.

  15. Trump for America

    Nice try at deflection, Dave. You are a fascist. Own it.

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    I take policy positions to heart, not liberal scandal gossip.

    Even when it comes to liberal scandal gossip, why does not the liberal standard “it’s a private matter” not apply, here?

    I’m merely following the liberal commandment when it comes to Bradley, you now ridicule me for following the most precious liberal commandment?

  17. old baldy


    Huh? Nothing you said is either true, or makes any sense.

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