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1721, 05 Mar 16

RIP Doug Ziegler

Sad news for West Bend.

It’s with a heavy heart to relay the news that Doug Ziegler died this Saturday morning.

Ziegler was a ‘Godfather’ of the community with his philanthropic goodwill, leadership and community support.

“Doug was quite determined and dedicated to persevering to what ever a group’s goals might be,” George Prescott said.

Prescott is a local business man and owner of GP Management Services in West Bend. He relayed the story about when he and his wife Judi were starting the Prescott Family Foundation and how Ziegler was the guest speaker at the kickoff meeting.

“He came in and gave us a talk on the ‘joy of giving,’” said Prescott. “The joy of giving and how nice it makes you feel to help people. It was a very stimulating piece of work and that was almost 20 years ago and he was the same driving guy up until yesterday.”


1721, 05 March 2016


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