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2233, 04 Mar 16

Appointments Coming in for New Ethics and Elections Commissions

Good choices.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has named a former Republican state lawmaker and a Republican National Committeeman to new state commissions overseeing ethics and elections.

Former Rep. Pat Strachota, R-West Bend, was Vos’ pick for the ethics panel and RNC member Steve King of Janesville his choice for the elections panel.

On June 30, the new partisan panels will replace the outgoing Government Accountability Board, whose members are nonpartisan. The transition was triggered by a law passed by GOP lawmakers and signed by Gov. Scott Walker in December.

I see some chattering about how “partisan” these appointments are… they’re supposed to be. Remember that, as our Founders knew, non-partisanship is a fiction. So instead of charging at the windmill of an unachievable utopia, these commissions are based on balancing the very real, and known, biases of the participants. It is the same principle of balance upon which our entire federal system of government was based.


2233, 04 March 2016


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