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1917, 25 Feb 16

SeaWorld Won’t Spy on PETA Anymore

Like PETA hasn’t been doing this since… forever?

SeaWorld says it will no longer allow its employees to pose as animal rights activists to spy on its critics.

This is the first time that SeaWorld has publicly admitted that its employees did pose as animal rights activists, a charge first made by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals last summer.

SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby announced the new policy when talking with investors Thursday. He did not issue any apology for the actions of SeaWorld employees.

“This activity was undertaken in connection with efforts to maintain the safety and security of employees, customers and animals in the face of credible threats,” Manby said.


1917, 25 February 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Who is going to keep the human torture by PETA in line now ?

  2. old baldy


    Could you expound a bit on this claim ” human torture by PETA”. Provide details and facts. Thanks.

  3. Kevin scheunemann

    When they denounce milk as “liquid meat” and claim it should be banned….that is the human torture by PETA I am talking about.

  4. old baldy


    Even by your low standards that is a stretch. More proclamations from Kevin’s Book of Made Up Stuff.

  5. Kevin scheunemann


    I pictured you someone who could walk and chew gum.

    1.) Go to

    2,) type in “milk” in their search engine.

    3.) Read the seething hatred they have for America’s Dairyland.

    There is even one article, which feminists loathe, that breast milk should replace cow milk…even at Ben and Jerry’s….ick.

  6. old baldy


    I can still do both, and in the past could throw in the high 80’s and dunk a basketball. Your point?

    Both you and PETA are waging a war of hyperbole. Neither will win, but both will be thought of as fools. Or is that just the best you can do??

  7. Kevin Scheunemann

    Exposing the craziness of leftists, as is, is “hyperbole”?

    ( or “hyper-Boil”) for some of our Less educated state Democrats on legislative floor. I still find that clip hilarious.

  8. old baldy

    Yes, when you use it yourself. A factual and reasonable argument will get you a lot more respect and farther along in the discussion. Try that approach sometime.

  9. Kevin Scheunemann


    The fact that PETA uses term “liquid meat” to describe their war on milk is fact, not hyperbole.

    The fact that is literal human torture to have to listen to PETA is also fact.

  10. old baldy


    I don’t doubt PETA doesn’t like milk, but why is that ” human torture” ?

    “The fact that is literal human torture to have to listen to PETA is also fact.” That is a nonsensical sentence trying to prove a nonsensical claim.

    All you have done is brought yourself down to their level of discourse.

  11. Kevin scheunemann


    You are concerned that I bring myself “down” to the level of standard liberal discourse?

    Does this mean you admit standard liberal discourse is a torture on society? Or at least the “lowest common denominator” when it comes to speech?

  12. old baldy


    Nope, I never said that, nor do I admit that “standard liberal discourse is a torture on society”. Nor do I feel that it is the lowest common denominator. You are making stuff up again in a flaccid attempt to defend you original, and all to common, weak initial claim.

    But if you want to talk some science, the “liquid meat” claim by PETA is pretty much true if you consider what the result of that milk is: a growing calf. All the chemical constituents needed to make a calf are in the liquid milk, so the “liquid meat” claim isn’t far fetched. You could even make that part of your DQ advertising. Or don’t you have any real dairy product in your soft serve?

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