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1903, 25 Feb 16

Sandoval Withdraws from Consideration

Really, what serious candidate is going to let themselves be dragged through the process as a political whipping boy for the next 10 months without any chance of getting the job? If they are serious, then why waste a nomination?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, a moderate Republican, took himself out of consideration for appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday as Senate Republicans held firm to their vow not to act on any nominee by President Barack Obama for the job.

Asked if the White House was disappointed by Sandoval’s decision, Obama spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters at a briefing, “He’s obviously entitled to make decisions about his own career.”


1903, 25 February 2016


  1. Dan

    Sandoval would never have gotten confirmed, even under the best circumstances. Sandoval is a big time RINO who helped pass a massive tax increase in Nevada for education, even though voters had just turned down the same proposal by about a 75-25% margin. He also sided with the democrats on several occasions.
    He would have lurched the court much further left.

  2. old baldy

    No one would have been confirmed, not even Bork, at least according to McConnell and RoJo.

    “Sided with democrats on several occasions”. That is called governing.

  3. Mark Maley

    Its all good
    The Dems get the issue
    Hillary beats Trump handily when he get 2% of the black vote and 10% of the Hispanic vote and the Republicans head explodes when she nominates the Anti Scalia .

    They will rue the day they didn’t pick the Rhino from Nevada when they had the chance

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