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2107, 14 Feb 16

Milwaukee Responsible for Moving Utilities

This was expected. While it’s good that utility rate payers won’t be stuck with the bill for Barrett’s Folly, the taxpayers will be.

The city would be left to pick up the $10 million to $25 million tab for utility relocation costs linked to the Milwaukee streetcar project under a judge’s decision.

The decision, issued Thursday by Milwaukee County Circuit Judge William Sosnay, said it was unreasonable to require utility companies to pay any part of the costs for relocating or modifying their lines to accommodate the streetcar.

The ruling agreed with an earlier decision by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin in the utility dispute, which said the city — not utilities and their ratepayers — should pay for moving underground utility lines along the streetcar route.


2107, 14 February 2016


  1. Dan

    Geez, why is this boondoggle being allowed to continue, other than it is a liberal pipe dream with no basis in reality….like the liberal mind.

  2. Mike

    Taxes on a $180,000 duplex are already $4800 a year. The fees for “services” are over $1200 a year. That’s $500 a month just for the privilege of living in Milwaukee.

  3. Dan

    $500 a month? That’s what I pay on rent per month here in Arizona.
    Just another reason I left Milwaukee.

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