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1712, 13 Feb 16

Justice Scalia Dead

Wow. This is huge. RIP for one of America’s greatest justices.

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead of apparent natural causes Saturday on a luxury resort in West Texas, federal officials said.

Scalia, 79, was a guest at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a resort in the Big Bend region south of Marfa.


1712, 13 February 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Maybe one of the top 5 in American history! Obama will not come up with anyone even 10% of the greatness of Scalia.

  2. Dave

    As you define “great” let’s hope you’re right.

  3. Dan

    Scalia was certainly in the top 5 of the best conservative justices of all time. He believed in the Constitution, as it was written.
    Obama will try and nominate the complete opposite of Scalia- perhaps a Black male or female professor from Harvard. obama went to Harvard and he was supposedly a professor of some sort.

  4. Dave

    If only he could appoint himself!

  5. Northern Pike

    I think Obama should appoint former Minnesota state Supreme Court Justice Alan Page.

  6. Mark Maley

    The consensus is that he will nominate a chap of Indian descent who was approved 98-0 at his current gig and it will come soon.

    Then we can watch Mitch and the Right explain why the same guy they approved 2 years ago with 2 dissenting votes can’t get a vote now .

    Elections matter and Obama beat the Right – twice – and handily .

    You could look it up .

  7. old baldy

    Page is a pretty mainstream jurist, but he is an ex Viking. That surely is against him.

    Can’t wait to hear Mitch squeal regarding any nominee.

  8. dad29

    McConnell will immediately act to confirm Diane Sykes, of course. Obozo should nominate her to demonstrate that he is bi-partisan, not a bitter, wheezing, relic of Alinsky-ism like Hillary

  9. Dan

    Alan Page would be an interesting choice but Obama has shown he really doesn’t respect States or their judges.
    The Asian judge isn’t going to happen. It’s probably going to a black female, so he has 2 constituency pleased.
    And you know he will coordinate with Hillary because she is the only 1 pledging to follow Obama’s legacy.

  10. Dave

    He will appoint someone; the Asian jurist would be interesting since he passed the Senate 98-0 about a year ago. Anyway, either with a vote denying his choice, or a refusal to vote at all, the president will have the opportunity to appoint someone while the Senate is in recess. In fact the Senate is in recess this week and he could technically appoint who he wants this week. Eisenhower made three recess appointments.

  11. Seeker

    After Robert Bork, you on the left lose the right to complain about obstruction.

    Look forward to seeing records of your criticism of Senator Schumer refusing to consider a Bush nominee in 2007. Same goes for Reid the next year.

    And if you want to spark a civil war, go ahead. Make it soon, because nobody wants to miss Opening Day.

  12. Northern Pike

    About the Bork nomination:

    The Senate rejected someone who opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and then conservatives drove off a replacement nominee for smoking pot. In early 1988, a Senate controlled by Democrats overwhelmingly approved a nominee who was delivered the fifth vote that ushered in the glorious era of Citizens United.

    Democrats gave your side the fifth vote that allows corporations and individuals to buy and sell politicians without disclosing their activities. I don’t know what you’re complaining about.

  13. Seeker

    Biden wrote the plan on smearing Bork. We’re going to stuff it up your asses this year.

  14. Mark Maley

    The comment about appoint the Calufornia black jurist makes sense because she also was approved 98-0 for her current job

    I heard today that a majority – 51 votes would
    Allow a nominee to be approved so no vote would be the only way to stop a nomination

    With all the senate seats up for the GOP
    Some of the candidates in the states Obama won may find it expedient to vote differently
    Than today’s united front by November

    Getting this through would be just one more Obama victory despite Conservative opposition and eliminate 4-4 decisions on current cases he wants to win

    Obama won national elections twice and the last time by 5 million votes
    Those election matter a lot more than what Republican candidates say

    And Reagan got an Justice in his last year ( Kennedy ) so all the Cruz BS Saturday about it not happening for 80 years ws another prevarication by the slimy one

    As for the civil war, the Dems appear to be the North in the analogy

    Gotta hand it Trump
    He buried the ” he kept us safe ” mantra that Cheney and his daughter have been peeling for 8 years and it appears it won’t hurt him a bit in SC or beyond

    Relitigating the Iraq war won’t be a winner in 2016 for the GOP

    Can’t wait to hear his appointment if he wins
    And he thumbs his nose at the Republican elites

    I think David Souter is available

  15. Seeker

    Advise and consent from a co-equal branch of government. We know you’re an illiterate, Mark, but stop making it fish in a barrel.

  16. Marco Zoccoli

    Seeker while still absolutely shameful your 1960 situation applied to recess appointments. The President won two elections and has over 300 days left in his term and has a right to nominate. By the same tolken voters gave control of the senate and house to the republicans. The republican controlled senate has every right to proceed how they wish. However their choice of action or inaction both have consequences. This is going to be fun to watch

  17. old baldy


    So in your mind two wrongs make a right, eh? And you conveniently ignore the much more recent Kennedy appointment. As they say, “two rights just get you back to where you started”.

  18. Seeker

    For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    – Newton’s Third Law

    We now know Old Baldy is a troll and a science denier now.

  19. old baldy


    That may apply in physics, but certainly not in politics. If so, for every stupid or even harmful piece of legislation passed by, say the walker administration, there would be an equally intelligent and beneficial one passed as well. So far that hasn’t happened. Proof.

    Define troll in your own words. You seem to be infatuated by that word.

  20. Seeker

    It’s shameful that a troll like you hasn’t been banned. You add nothing to the discussion.

  21. old baldy


    And you on the other hand are a veritable font of wisdom.

    What exactly is a troll? Up here it is someone from Lower Michigan (below the bridge). But you seem to have your own undefinable (by you) definition.

    The shame is that you are not willing to hear any other viewpoint but your own. Shameful.

  22. Seeker

    Please point out your criticism of Obama when he threatened to filibuster Alito’s nomination.

    If you cannot, you are a troll.

  23. Dave

    old baldy and seeker,

    You are losing your focus on this whole matter. A. Scalia is dead. God rest his soul….however it is more likely that Satan is welcoming him into the inner reaches of Hell. B. Obama has a Constitutional duty to appoint a successor and if the Republicans attempt to block a vote there will be consequences. Republicans as obstructors. Eventually the Senate will be in recess in an election year and, guess what, Obama appoints someone on a recess appointment.

  24. old baldy


    Great post. I agree that if the R’s block a vote there will be some current senators in the unemployment line. And if Clinton or Sanders win, which seems reasonable at this time, there will be some interesting consequences.

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