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2123, 14 Feb 16

Kids Will Be Adults

It’s an interesting concept.

Children can do a huge variety of jobs from rubbish collector to dentist to firefighter in a multitude of workplaces including operating theatres, plane cockpits, restaurants, radio stations and theatres.

The cities themselves imitate their real world counterparts but with a difference – everything is two-thirds its normal size.

Charging for children to ape the nine-to-five grind has been a surprising success. Since the first park opened in the Mexican suburb of Santa Fe in 1999, the business has expanded rapidly.

There are now 21 theme parks in 18 countries, and the latest available figures to the end of 2014 show more than 42 million people have now visited one.

The firm’s annual turnover is around $400m (£275m) globally and it employs some 2,000 people in Mexico, with a further 9,000 involved with the firm.


2123, 14 February 2016


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