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2130, 14 Feb 16

Golden Gate Blow Darts

What the

(CNN)Police in California are asking for the public’s help after two people walking on the Golden Gate Bridge were hit with blow darts.

The victims were struck Friday afternoon, the California Highway Patrol said in a statement. They were evaluated by paramedics at the scene and released.

“Right now, we are hoping to narrow down exactly where they were and at what time,” said CHP spokesman Andrew Barclay.

The darts are being tested to ensure they were not coated in chemicals. They were about 5 inches long, the CHP said, with one end sharpened to a point. It wasn’t immediately clear what they were fired from.



2130, 14 February 2016



    The Pygmy Headhunter Uprising has begun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (It looks like they’ve already shrunk Vince Vitrano’s head)


    I’m sure the Wisconsin Assembly will soon introduce a bill to make the possession and concealed carry of blowguns legal. Kleefisch will sponsor a bill that will all pygmies under 8 years old to hunt deer and bear with blowguns as long as they wear pink camo loincloths

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