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0727, 05 Feb 16

Clinton Defends Against Sanders

It looks like the Democratic debate might have actually been mildly amusing to watch last night.

After yet another Sanders swipe at Clinton as part of a political establishment bankrolled by Wall Street and drug companies, she unloaded.

“Time and time again, by innuendo, by insinuation, there is this attack that he is putting forth which really comes down to, you know, anybody who ever took donations or speaking fees from any interest group has to be bought. And I just absolutely reject that, senator, and I really don’t think these kinds of attacks by insinuation are worthy of you. And enough is enough,” Clinton said.

Then she challenged him: “If you’ve got something to say, say it directly, but you will not find that I ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation I ever received.”

And finally, Clinton made it just a little bit more personal, saying: “I think it’s time to end the very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks.”

While I have little doubt that Clinton herself has not actually traded favors for money, what she says is true of most people. Usually when you see that a particular special interest or group of people financially support a candidate it is a reflection of supporting a fellow believer rather than an attempt to change a politician’s behavior. For example, the NRA supports Governor Walker because Walker has a long history of supporting gun rights and the NRA wants to see Walker continue to be in a position to support gun rights.


0727, 05 February 2016

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