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0637, 05 Feb 16

It Ain’t All Bad

A supporter of the West Bend School District penned a defense for the West Bend Daily News

Critics ignore the positives of West Bend School District

Not long ago, the West Bend School District had overcrowded classrooms, classrooms in trailers, deferred maintenance and buildings not handicapaccessible. With the exception of Jackson Elementary, additions and renovations resulted in buildings conducive to today’s educational programs. A 25-year plan exists to schedule district maintenance and construction of a new school in Jackson.

Not long ago, the district was making program cuts. Today, there are new offerings and options for students, including 4K.

Recently released test scores are good. Scores in areas where improvement is needed are comparable to those in other Washington County districts.

The School Board is diverse and members who disagree on issues listen to each other and are respectful of each other.

With the above positives, why are loud voices critical of the Board and Superintendent Ted Neitzke? Why are these voices reluctant to acknowledge district accomplishments?

They oppose every board action, including changes to improve student outcomes. Issues go through committees whose meetings are open to the public, and then taken up at regular meetings where the public can speak on agenda items.

The loud voices claim a lack of teacher input, and that teachers fear retribution if they express their opinion. The board is comprised of seven people who ran for election and whose membership usually changes slightly with each annual election. Do you think these board members conspire to intimidate the teaching staff, or would tolerate such behavior by administrators?

The disrespect heaped on the board and superintendent stem from their anger over the passage of Act 10 and the changes that have resulted.

A primary election is Feb. 16. Early voting has begun. When considering your choice of School Board candidates, please take into consideration the positive aspects of the district, and don’t be swayed by the negative voices. Please vote.

Kathleen Meindl West Bend


0637, 05 February 2016

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  1. Anon E. Maus

    I read the letter this morning in the Daily News and found it to be excellent! Now as I look at it again, I thought the name looked looked familiar. I see that at one time she was (or is?) active in the local Democratic Party. Is Waring Finke losing his death grip on the party? He is one of the brains behind the group promoting all the negativity that she refers to. Well, I still consider it an excellent letter – I don’t care if a voice of reason is Democratic, Republican, Independent. (or Mark Maley!)

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