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2048, 14 Jan 16

Federal Plan to Bring Self-Driving Cars to America’s Road

This ought to be interesting. It also looks like a federal power grab from the states.

A 10-year, $4bn (£2.8bn) proposal to bring self-driving cars to roads across the US has been announced by the Department of Transport.

The plan’s stated aim is to implement consistent laws across all states and eventually to eliminate human error.

“That is a possibility worth pursuing,” said DoT head Anthony Foxx at the Detroit Motor Show on Thursday.

The plans are backed by carmakers and technology companies including Google, Tesla, Ford, General Motors and Volvo.

The move by the Obama administration comes after several firms complained that differing rules across the US were creating unnecessary headaches for those developing autonomous technology.


2048, 14 January 2016


  1. dad29

    Are you telling me that it will take $400 million/year to “develop standards” for self-driving (unicorn-fart) cars?

    Or is a chunk of that $400 million/year going directly into the pockets of the Favored Few?


  2. old baldy

    The USH and Interstate systems already belong to the feds so it doesn’t appear to be a power grab at all.

  3. T of B

    The states own and operate the Interstate highways.

  4. T of B

    Dang it Seeker, you beat me to it.

  5. old baldy

    Correct, the individual states own the ROW and operate the system. But the $ for operation, design and construction comes from the feds, as do design standards (take a look at the improvements to 41 once it was designated I 41).

    Regardless, why wouldn’t you want consistent rules across the country rather than a hodge-podge of regulation across all 50 states?

  6. Dan

    “Regardless, why wouldn’t you want consistent rules across the country rather than a hodge-podge of regulation across all 50 states?”
    I agree and all states should have the same concealed carry laws as well. I think Texas’s and Arizona’s laws are spot on and should be followed country wide.

  7. Mark Maley

    It would be my personal honor to negate Dad29’s vote on adopting any gun laws from Texas or Arizona

  8. Seeker

    Gaslighting by Old Baldy. Time to ban this user.

  9. old baldy


    Aren’t you glad you live in the USA, where we are free to speak our mind without fear of prosecution? Or would you prefer a dictatorship?

  10. Seeker

    Considering you pay nothing to host this site, you clearly have no clue what free speech is.

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