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0843, 06 Jan 16

North Korea Tests Hydrogen Bomb

They are claiming so, anyway. In any case, they blew up something big.

(CNN)Sticking it to its foes, North Korea on Wednesday celebrated what it called a successful hydrogen bomb test — a milestone that, if true, marks a colossal advancement for the reclusive regime and a big test for leaders worldwide on what to do about it.

“Make the world … look up to our strong nuclear country and labor party by opening the year with exciting noise of the first hydrogen bomb!” read a document signed by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on state television.

Pyongyang has been very vocal about its nuclear ambitions, pressing on despite widespread condemnation, sanctions and other punishments. Having a hydrogen bomb — a device far more powerful than the plutonium weapons that North Korea has used in three earlier underground nuclear tests — ups the ante even more.


0843, 06 January 2016


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Obama probably has a tingle up his leg that his ideal government structure in practice is gaining more power.

  2. Mark Maley

    Fox today questioned the validity of the claim

    Let’s see what the facts are after the monitoring information comes in

    Could be North Korean bluster like their underwater missle last year ot the Great Leaders 11 holes in one .

    And yes Kev, I just quoted Fox News .

    Could be the end of times Is upon us :)

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