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1711, 19 Dec 15

Obama Threatens American People Over Gitmo

Consider the breathtaking lawlessness and arrogance of Obama.

Staring down his final year in office, President Obama vowed Friday to give Congress one last chance to approve legislation to shut down the notorious prison for suspected terrorists at Guant√°namo Bay before he looks at executive actions to close the facility.

Congress has acted on Guantanamo Bay. They have said that it must continue to act as a prison for foreign combatants. Obama’s job, as the leader of the executive branch of government, is to execute the will of the American people as expressed through their duly elected representatives in Congress.

Instead, Obama is threatening to ignore the American people and lawlessly act to close Guantanamo Bay. Whether you want Guantanamo Bay to remain a prison or not, this is not the way for our federal government to function.



1711, 19 December 2015


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