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2059, 08 Dec 15

Clinton Ordered Aide to Look Into Matter At Behest of Chelsea’s Husband

Raise your hand if you are surprised by this story?

Clinton ordered a senior State Department official in August 2012 to look into the request. Her action came three months after an investor in the mining firm emailed Marc Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton’s husband and a partner in Eaglevale Partners LP, a New York hedge fund, asking for his help in setting up State Department contacts.

Clinton relayed a copy of the investor’s email to Thomas Nides, then a deputy secretary of state and now vice chairman at Morgan Stanley, a major New York financial services firm. “Could you have someone follow up on this request, which was forwarded to me?” Clinton asked Nides. He replied: “I’ll get on it.”

The emails do not show whether Clinton or other State Department officials met with Harry Siklas, the investor who contacted Mezvinsky, or with executives from the Florida-based firm. Clinton’s official calendars, recently obtained by The Associated Press, also do not show any meetings between Clinton and Neptune representatives.

Clinton’s campaign declined through a spokesman to discuss the issue, despite AP asking detailed questions about the matter since Nov. 30. The AP attempted to reach Siklas and a Neptune executive, Josh Adam, by phone, email and in-person visits to their homes last week but received no replies.

In the email, Siklas also said that his then-employer, Goldman Sachs, was representing Neptune.


2059, 08 December 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    If Walker did half of this the bias media debate would be about the length of nails for his crucifiction.

    With Hillary, the corruption is: “nothing to see here, move along.”

    That’s why Fox News does so well.

  2. old baldy


    Walker did. Read up on the Gogebic Taconite fiasco. Cline paid $700000 to get the mining bill changed when everybody with an ounce of sense knew that not a shovel full of ore would come out of the ground.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    There is a differene between lobbying government to get out of the way of the private sector to great prosperity and jobs vs. using government to enrich oneself like the Clintons do.

    Sorry to have to point out the obvious.

  4. old baldy


    Like I said, read up on the Gogebic fiasco, then apologize. Then check out some of the interesting patterns in WDEC where the Sec of DOA, walkers right hand man lobbied for $$ to go to a big donor. Better look where you step, as it’s getting on your shoes.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    I don’t need to check it out.

    Walker is honest.

    Hillary is not.

  6. old baldy


    That’s right. you are perfect and never wrong and the rest of us poor souls are always imperfect in you eyes.

    Your willful ignorance is proven by your quote “I don’t need to check it out.” The true path to enlightenment is closing your eyes.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    It’s a matter of trust. Walker is trustworthy.

    Hillary’s betrayal and cover-up of the Americans at Bengahzi make her very untrustworthy….deserving of much higher scrutiny.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    One is running for president, other is not.

  9. old baldy


    “walker is trustworthy”. That is hilarious !! He even lies about his bald spot.

    Check out Politifact for walkers truthiness rating. You may even be enlightened.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    Given that you label any opinion you disagree with as a “lie”, that does not mean much.

    Politifact? There isn’t a bigger joke of a column in the newspaper. It should be moved to the comics section. They never politifact Democrats as intensely as they scrutinize Walker. Their conclusions on Walker are many times biased from their ideological hate of Walker and the economic prosperity he stands for.

  11. John Foust

    Kevin, maybe Walker makes more claims that are more easily disproven. What’s more common, laziness or malevolence?

  12. old baldy


    “Given that you label any opinion you disagree with as a “lie”.

    Not true.

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