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2107, 08 Dec 15

Meeting Thursday About Bridge to Nowhere

Heads up.

Special meeting Thursday to save the downtown theatre bridge by Judith A. Steffes: A special meeting is set for Thursday, Dec. 10 as the Downtown West Bend Business Improvement District (BID) Board meets at 8 a.m. to discuss and make a decision regarding surety of existing pedestrian bridge downtown.

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2107, 08 December 2015

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  1. Jay Pace

    Hmmm. President of the BID is a staunch supporter of saving the bridge. Controls a 100k budget consisting of Funds collected from business owners in the downtown district. Any bets that the announcement tomorrow will be that the BID will underwrite the cost of refurbishing the bridge should the funds allocated for destruction cannot be repurposed? i wonder if all the other business owners in the district are onboard?

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