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0611, 07 Dec 15

Obama Speaks

And America largely ignores. What strikes me most about Obama’s speech last night is how little people are noticing today. Part of that is because he mostly just reiterated what he’s already said. Part of it is because America has tuned out the president and his professorial lectures about what he perceives as our “shared values.”

The only tangible thing I can see from his speech was this:

And he called on Congress to take several steps: Prohibit people on the so-called “no-fly” list meant to keep terrorists off airplanes from buying a gun; curb Americans’ access to “powerful assault weapons”

No. The no-fly list is useful, but it is a list that the government puts people on without any due process. We can not strip people of constitutional rights just because the government puts them on a list on suspicion of criminal activity. Imagine, if you will, if Obama was advocating people on the no-fly list being stripped of their 1st or 4th Amendment rights… we wouldn’t stand for it. We shouldn’t stand for stripping people’s 2nd Amendment rights on that basis either.


0611, 07 December 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    It was more a lecture toward American citizens not being tolerant of Islamic evil.

    Typical liberal. America is the problem, not the foreign power evil exterminating our civilians.

  2. Mark Maley

    So we should listen to Ted Cruz suggest we need to make the sand “glow” ?

    I hear nothing from the right other than bluster and a commitment to fight with no idea how to not own about 15 pottery barns ( countries ) in the Middle East .

    And then there’s their love affair with an orange haired fascist and their favorite foreign ” strong ” leader – Putin .

    It’s hard to get a coherent , well though out , bipartisan plan together when the opposition lights their hair on fire daily and falls in love with dictators and tinhorn patriots .

  3. Stiles

    The right to travel is generally understood to be implicit in the privileges and immunities clause, both in current Supreme Court precedent and at the Constitutional Convention itself. No right is absolute, but it seems to me that there should be more due process protection in the no fly list. I don’t see why the right to bear arms should take precedence over the right to travel, but am open to the argument.

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