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0918, 02 Dec 15

Supreme Court Says (Again) Shut Down Doe

How many times do they have to say it?

The state Supreme Court today rejected a request to reconsider its July order shutting down John Doe II and rescinded the special prosecutor’s ability to continue overseeing the case.

The court ruled Francis Schmitz’s appointment as special prosecutor was invalid. But it made that order effective with the release of today’s decision, leaving him only limited powers to carry out the court’s order to return evidence seized in the probe into coordination between conservative groups and Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign during the recalls.

The ruling noted Justice David Prosser’s concurring opinion in the July decision also reached the conclusion that Schmitz’s appointment was invalid. But that view did not carry an order for Schmitz to cease his work.


0918, 02 December 2015


  1. Kay

    I have never believed in Santa Claus, but maybe I should.

  2. Duke

    “What do you tell a democRat with two black eyes?”

    “Nothing, I’ve already told ’em twice.”

  3. John Foust

    Show me something in Shirley’s dissent that’s not true.

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