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0633, 02 Dec 15

Sheriff David Clarke Not Running for Milwaukee Mayor

Just heard on the Jay Weber Show, Clarke is not going to run against Tom Barrett. Clarke was widely seen as one of the few potential candidates who could unseat the incumbent mayor. Clarke’s decision not to run makes Barrett’s reelection chances very, very good.


0633, 02 December 2015


  1. Mark maley

    Would personally have loved Barret
    Firmly beating the full time Fox News talking head and faux cowboy

  2. old baldy


    Sorry to see you back posting. Mom let you out of the basement for a couple hours?

    But I’ll remind you again to take some time and expand your vocabulary; you will have a hard time passing the GED if you don’t.

  3. Mark maley

    Sorry , that’s my evil twin .

    I am really not a Clarke fan .

  4. old baldy


    I know it wasn’t you. And I didn’t think you would be..

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