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2204, 02 Dec 15

Milwaukee Leaders Link Concealed Carry to Milwaukee Crime

Hmmmm… what’re the flaws in this thinking?

Two top law enforcement leaders in Milwaukee County took aim at the state’s concealed carry law as a possible contributing factor in Milwaukee’s spike in gun violence this year.

“Since that law has passed, almost every single year, the number of crime guns seized by this department has gone up and the time-to-crime on our most frequently used weapons has decreased,” Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said Wednesday.

“Now that’s correlation not causation, but it’s a pretty strong correlation.”

The average time-to-crime, which is derived from the date of a gun’s original purchase to the date of recovery, has dropped from 10.6 years in 2012 to 8.6 years in 2014 for all guns, according to the department.

In each of 2013 and 2014, 20% of the handguns recovered had a time-to-crime of less than six months.

Flynn made his remarks during a Milwaukee Community Justice Council meeting, which focused on rising numbers of nonfatal shootings — 552 people have been shot this year in the city of Milwaukee as of Nov. 11 — and homicides, which already have reached a decade-high this year.

Couple things… first, this would be pretty easy to prove. Once someone is convicted of a crime, we would know if they were a concealed carry permit holder or not. The police have these numbers. Why not show them? Do concealed carry permit holders commit more gun crimes than the rest of the population? That’s not the case in other states, but perhaps Milwaukee is different. In any case, this is very easy to prove or disprove and the fact that Flynn and the corrupt Chisholm aren’t releasing these numbers tells us what they really reveal.

Second, the concealed carry law applies to the entire state, yet only Milwaukee is seeing a spike in crime. I would be willing to bet that there are far more people in Waukesha, Washington, and Ozaukee counties who legally carry a weapon compared to Milwaukee County, and yet, again, only Milwaukee is seeing a spike in crime. Why would that be?

This is simply a couple of guys who are failing at their primary job of crime control in Milwaukee trying to pin the responsibility on something else.


2204, 02 December 2015

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Chisolm does not have numbers because he only prosecutes the crime of free speech.

    Rest of the time he releases violent thugs through his lack of prosecution, that is why crime is up in Milwaukee: failed liberal policies on crime.

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