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0706, 03 Dec 15

UAW Highlights Workers For Retribution

Despite the union leader’s public denials, there is only one reason to do this.

United Auto Workers Local 833 leaders have begun circulating a list of union members who have crossed picket lines in the now 2-week-old Kohler Co. strike, though they insist the individuals will be left alone.

The list, which was obtained by the Sheboygan Press and verified by UAW Local 833 leaders, includes 13 circled names with the heading, “No longer our union brothers or sisters.”

It goes on to state, “A scab is a scab,” and “Don’t be afraid to point them out.”

What a shame that the union is so against people who want to work.


0706, 03 December 2015


  1. Joey

    Think of what the Racine Teachers Union will do if they get the list they want.

  2. Jeff Simpson

    It is interesting reading this story from our friends on the right. After spending five + years harrassing, and assaulting people who signed the recall via VTR you know what these kind of lists are used for.

  3. The Bystander

    Isn’t it the conservatives who always remind us that actions have consequences? If these people don’t support the union, even though they are members, then they deserve to be branded as scabs. They’ll have to live with the result of their choices. They don’t have to work at Kohler, it’s that whole freedom of choice thing right? As Baretta used to say “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    I guess “safe spaces” and “micro-aggression” warnings don’t apply to unions.

    Delicate snowflake Lefties should be going nuts over this aggressive, victimization union tactic.

  5. The Bystander


    Maybe the UAW will try to organize your workers

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    That would violate my “safe space”.

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