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1959, 23 Nov 15

Online Deer Registration System Bogs Down

One would have thought that they would have been able to predict the volume and prepare for it better. That being said, I registered a deer from Saturday on my mobile device and it worked like a charm. I loved the ease and convenience of it.

Nearly 116,000 deer were registered on the opening weekend of the 2015 Wisconsin gun deer hunting season, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

The volume of registrations caused a hiccup in the state’s new deer registration and reporting system.

The electronic system, used statewide for the first time this season, was unable to generate updates to the deer kill from Sunday evening to noon Monday.

A note posted Monday to the Department of Natural Resources website stated the reporting summary was “experiencing significant data gaps and delays. We are working to remedy the situation.”

The agency reported 115,971 deer were registered at noon Monday. But no details were available, such as the number of bucks and does registered, or county of kill. The DNR said it would post detailed registration data later.

The new “e-reg” system requires hunters to use a phone or computer to register their deer kills.

It was touted by the department as more convenient for hunters. It would also, the agency said, allow “the 9-day firearm season data to be updated in real time” and permit the public to track the number of deer registered.


1959, 23 November 2015


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