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2204, 22 Nov 15

Obama Takes Harsher Tone on IS

Apparently, Obama’s harsh tone is supposed to make our enemies think he’s serious this time.

(CNN)U.S. President Barack Obama toughened his rhetoric against ISIS at a weekend press conference in Malaysia that concluded his nine-day trip abroad.

The group responsible for the Paris terror attacks is “a bunch of killers with good social media,” he said. “They are dangerous and they’ve caused great hardship to … an overwhelming majority of people.”

The global coalition formed to destroy ISIS “will not relent,” he vowed. “We will not accept the idea that terrorist assaults on restaurants and theaters and hotels are the new normal, or that we are powerless to stop them.”


2204, 22 November 2015

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Spot on!

    It’s hard to believe, given his previous empty threats toward Russia and Syria.

    Obama is worse than Carter when it comes to foreign policy.

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