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1752, 19 Nov 15

Dontre Hamilton Protesters Disrupt Tree Lighting

What a bunch of goons.

MILWAUKEE —Protesters are interrupting the city/county tree-lighting ceremony.

They are calling for justice in the death of Dontre Hamilton at Red Arrow Park.


Protesters were trying to drown out the Lincoln Center of the Arts Choir.


And stupid to boot… how does this make people support their cause?

But this is partly the fault of Chief Flynn and Mayor Barrett. They have indulged these malcontents for far too long.


1752, 19 November 2015


  1. Dan

    Just remember, to these thug protestors, it’s all about them. Just a bunch of spoiled brats.
    Considering that the cop was cleared of all federal, state and local charges, it seems like these thugs just want to be seen and heard and to show their ugly mugs on TV and for no other reason.
    Nothing but spoiled jackass thugs.

  2. dad29

    The whole thing reeks of “a deal.”

    Manney could NOT have been fired for what he did, and Flynn and Chisholm knew that.

    So how to fix it?

    Give Manney “duty disability” and THEN fire him. Manney takes the deal, Flynn and Chisholm are off the hook, and Manney goes away with Wisconsin tax dollars.

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