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2058, 30 Oct 15

Ryan Won’t Advance Immigration Reform With Obama in Office


Shortly after becoming speaker on Thursday, Ryan said he wouldn’t bring immigration-related legislation to the House floor while Obama remains in office. Today, he explained his rationale in his first meeting as speaker with Wisconsin media via conference call.

It would be “ridiculous” to move on the issue when “a president that we can’t trust” is in office, Ryan said.


2058, 30 October 2015


  1. Steve Austin

    Well actually nothing preventing Ryan from border security legislation, which Obama can veto but at least would set a tone. And some H1B1 restrictions also, since evidently Trump only thinks about that part of his platform after someone reminds him he was contradicting himself on it.

  2. Owen

    I agree with that. There’s nothing preventing the Congress from passing border security. But at least we can do without the charade of “comprehensive immigration reform” for a couple of years.

  3. Mark Maley

    Is that the Paul Ryan who plotted the night
    Of Obama’s election with other Congressman
    How to stop any Obama initiative ?
    You guys crack me up .
    It’s the other guy who’s untrustworthy ?

    What perfect hypocrites the Republicans are .

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